Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Triple H Buries Mick Foley and Ends His Career?

Did you ever think you would hear that Mick Foley is NOT liked within the WWE? Amazing isn't it? But we're talking about the WWE here. The same organization the runs anti-bullying campaigns, yet has its Chairman go on a live broadcast to mock a beloved Hall of Famer who suffered from a paralyzing illness. Those McMahon's are a real class act, aren't they?

According to the Wrestling Observer, the reason Mick Foley has't been used more often on WWE television since returning to the company is due to wrestler/executive Paul 'Triple H' Levesque's lobbying, who is resentful of "The Hardcore Legend." Dave Meltzer reports Levesque deprecates Foley whenever his name is broached in creative meetings. While Brian Gewirtz, WWE's Senior Vice President of Creative Writing, feels Foley is creative and a good performer, Levesque thinks otherwise. He says Foley 'doesn't look tough' and can't be taken seriously as an in-ring performer. Levesque would disparage Foley whenever he appeared for the company, and in the process, diminished his value in the eyes of Vince and Stephanie McMahon.

"Foley is an out-of-shape nobody," Levesque was reported as saying by a former WWE creative writer. "No one cares about him at all. Funaki puts more asses in the seats than Foley does. He should pay us for coming on our shows."

Meltzer believes the real reason Levesque still holds Foley in contempt is because he gets irritated over the consensus of his closest co-workers that his memorable matches with Foley in 2000 "made him a star."

Mick Foley has done nothing but befriend anyone and everyone who has ever come into contact with him. He's dedicated his life and career to his beloved family, and literally put them through hell at the expense of helping the WWE revitalize a dying company in 90's. Vince McMahon and the WWE have profited by replaying footage of Foley literally giving his blood, sweat, tears, and teeth for the sake of the company. His children sat ringside and watched him nearly bleed to death in one of the most infamous moments in WWE history. A moment that has has been exploited time and time again.

Sure there was a bit of ego splashed in there on the part of Foley. I'd bet that somewhere in his deranged mind, he was looking for way to get noticed by the office and embed a memory in the minds of fans much-like the memory he has as a kid of watching Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka leap off the top of a steel cage in Madison Square Garden. A part of Foley sold out to the WWE in order to build his legacy, but who hasn't? The problem here, is the appreciation level. This is the "thank you" Foley gets for all he's done for the company. And I'm only talking about his in-ring performances, not to mention his work as a company "Good Will Ambassador".

This is the ugly world of pro wrestling politics. You literally give your life away and to make someone else rich, and in return you get buried when there is nothing more that can be done with you. You get ridiculed as a fat out of shape slob any time you reappear on television. You get shit talked behind your back and jokes cracked at your expense during creative meetings when all you want to do is perform for the best of the company. Most of all, everything you've done up until now isn't worth a cup of warm piss, all because some douchebag married the bosses daughter and now has the political stroke to ruin everything you ever worked for.

It certainly appears as if the WWE forgot the difference between saying "Thank You" and "Fuck You".

Stephanie McMcahon Shows Her Boob

Don't get too excited. She didn't bare it all like when her Daddy used to pimp out his divas to Playboy magazine. Actually, it's a pretty old picture that was sent to me.

The Billion-Dollar Princess, Stephanie McMahon, shows off her ten grand boobs. Well, at least one of them - so that's about five large worth. Unfortunately, it's not in the dirty fashion we all hoped. This was more of a "wardrobe malfunction". I'm not insinuating that Daddy's little head of creative gave the fans a peek for a cheap pop on purpose. She saves that for the locker room!....

Don't give me that fucking look! Do you seriously think that Triple H was the first wrestler that Stephanie McMahon fooled around with? Isn't there a taboo story about why Randy Savage is blacklisted from the WWE? Let's ask Vince about that one. Oooooooh yeah!

This is one of those pro wrestling bloopers that happened during a RAW broadcast and luckily for us, there was an aspiring amateur photographer sitting ringside to snap this one off with his Kodak. Apparently, he (I'm taking a wild guess and saying it was a "he" because no "she" in her right mind would pop off for an opportunity to catch Stephanie assume the position with Triple H - then again, these are the same minds that came up with that Fifty Shades of Grey bullshit), must have thought that he was the fly on the Marriott room wall watching these two in a familiar position. As you can tell, this wasn't the first time Stephanie had her head between Triple H's legs.

Long story short, here is a pic that was shared with me, so now I share with you. If you've already seen it, there's nothing more I can do for you. You wanna do one better? Get me a pic of her other boob!

Monday, June 25, 2012

How Do You Feel About The CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan Feud Being Wasted?

I hate to be the one that is always complaining about how the WWE is doing wrong with their product, but they never seem to be doing anything right. In the case of how the CM Punk and Daniel Bryan feud is being handled, I know that many of you will disagree, but I'm approaching this from business standpoint, not creative...and in all honesty, I really don't give a fuck if you disagree with me.

I'm not saying that the matches have been terrible, although the plot line has been. You don't need the love triangle of AJ to get this feud over. You just need to put these two guys in the ring and let them wrestle. But there is just a little bit more to it that the WWE just doesn't seem to understand because they are completely out of touch with the pro wrestling business. Amazing, isn't it? The WWE is out of touch with pro wrestling. That's like saying Santa Claus is out of touch with Christmas.

To the fans who followed the independent careers of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, all through their decorated years in indy obscurity and up the ranks of Ring of Honor, seeing these two underdogs compete in the main event for the WWE title is a dream come true. When they collide in the ring, it moves worlds and reminds fans of what wrestling is supposed to be. So in essence, there is nothing wrong with what we've been seeing, other than the love story and eye-gouging acting. But the question that I pose to you is, what will make this memorable?

It's great to see these two indy kings shine in a place that didn't want them or believe in them. But the fans expect more. Not from the wrestlers...from the circus master. Why waste these matches away on free TV when the REAL wrestling fans are willing to pay for it? Why wear-out the novelty by having them wrestle each other 37,000 times in matches than mean nothing? This was a dream match in a dream setting - so why not ave it for Wrestlemania? Why put the tiles around their waste, but have the title defenses be meaningless or uneventful?

In a perfect world, CM Punk is the world champion of RAW and Daniel Bryan is the champion of Smackdown. If there ever should have been a match to unify the titles and crown an undisputed WWE champion... then you just saw it this week, last week, last month, last PPV, as well as, next week, next month, next PPV and who knows how much longer.

Oh, WWE. How do you constantly mistake GOLD for dog shit?

If WWE Needs More Masked Men, Here's The Answer

This just goes to show that even a billion dollar company can't buy a good idea. Well, here's a gift for you Vince McMahon. I'm going to tell you how to easily fill your roster with more masked wrestlers. And I'll do it for FREE!

Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara was scheduled for WrestleMania, so that Vince McMahon could break the record for most people wearing a mask in one place (yeah, he's mark for a lot of things). But the match never happened due to both wrestlers being put out of action due to injury. Then Kane returned, with his old look - wearing a mask. And now there is talk that Vince wants to create more mask-wearing personalities, which is an obvious marketing ploy to sell more mask gimmicks to kids.

But have you seen any masked me running around the WWE as of late? Not Kane, and not the returns of Sin Cara and Rey. I'm talking about NEW creations? Anything?...I'll wait.

So How Do We Get More Masked Wrestlers in The WWE?

There are dozens of quality unsigned talents on the independent circuit. Some with more experience than others, some even with television experience. All who understand the in-ring style of the WWE product.

I'm not a big fan of out-sourcing work to other countries. I believe in the American dream, but I also believe that you have to take care of your own first. So why import talent from Mexico and Japan all for the sake of selling a few gimmicks? Why not take talents like the now available Jay Lethal? Maybe put him under a hood and change his gimmick to The Black Panther. How about former WWE and TNA prodigy Low Ki (Senshi)? I hear that former X-Division champion The Amazing Red recently got a WWE tryout. He'd be a perfect candidate to stand mask against mask. You could even book Sharkboy to be the Santino Marella of masked wrestlers - which basically is a comedy jobber.

How about all of the indy workers out there, looking for their break and an opportunity to make their dreams a reality? Are you telling me that these guys wouldn't put on a hood to live their dream? It's so hard to get into this business, let alone make it. And IF you get signed by the WWE, they are going to change whatever you've been working with anyway. They took the Henning name away from Michael McGillicutty, you don't think they'd take away you're unrecognizable face?

And who ever said that they needed to do all those flippy moves anyway? back in the day, there were plenty of wrestlers whose feet never left the ground. Look at The Conquistadors! Look at the first match of the first Wrestlemania when Tito Santana wrestled Mr. X. Anybody remember The Machines? Shit, now that I think of it, Kane isn't a flippy motherfucker, so bo-ya, another point in your face bitches!

The answer to the WWE in need of "Mas" Caras, is right in front of them. There are guys on the roster who could use a make over like Tyson Dux. The U.S. indy circuit is full of them, and last I heard, WWE had some privileged TNA contract info leaked to them.

So go right ahead and steal my idea Vince. Go and make another billion with it. Snatch up as many young promising talents, throw a mask at them and tell them, "You're new name is Pencil Eraser".

And to all you wrestlers out there with the dream of working for the WWE, just remember - it's not selling out if you have no other options.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dawn Marie - Still Hot After All These Years

I would still jerk off to Dawn Marie. That's not a diss to her. If anything, it's a huge compliment. I can still look at her and say to myself, "I would ruin that ass!"

Give me a fucking break. I'm a guy and this is guy talk. This is what all you dudes say when you look at the WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, Up and Coming Indy Wrestlers that compete in female wrestling promotions like WSU... or any other female for that matter. You don't gawk at them and say, "She's a helluva wrestler. Good technician. Solid promos. Can't wait to see her next match". Absolutely NOT! It's all about how hot she is, how big her tits are and how they jiggle when her body hits the mat, and how you'd like her to bounce that sweet ass on her your lap. I've heard some of these perverts even go as far as saying that they'd drink a mile of a woman's piss just to see where it came from. You nasty motherfuckers!

The bottomline is that as a former WWE Diva and ECW original, Dawn Marie has pretty much fallen off the pro wrestling radar. Last time anyone really heard from her, she was being accused of scamming money out of the Wrestler's Rescue charity organization that she co-founded. Which, by the way, is total bullshit. If she's guilty of anything, it's trusting people. But who wants to talk about politics when you have a rack like that? Let's get back to the point before I lose my erection.

Even though Dawn hasn't spent much time in the limelight, it's understandable because she's now a full-time mother. And I'd just like to thank those kids for making that boobage so much more desirable. You talk about MILFs? You can add Dawn Marie at the top of the food chain. Amazingly, she is one of the few notable divas that has never sold herself out and taken it all off for profit. Damn her for having such integrity.

The closest thing you may have seen was when Dawn Marie flashed her boobs on WWE Smackdown wearing pasties. I ran into Dawn over the winter at one of those over crowded pro wrestling conventions in New Jersey, and she was still looking as hot as ever. She hasn't lost it a bit. So what if she's a little bit thicker. That's just more Dawn Marie to enjoy. I've been a big fan of hers since we first met back in 1996. We've done a bunch of work together over the years, and I'm looking forward to doing more. There is absolutely no reason why this hottie should be forgotten.

My question to you wrestling fans is, where does she rank amongest the all-time WWE divas, or all-time female wrestling personalities? People still go banana flavored ape shit over Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, but she's equally hot, got naked with a bunch of other crack whores, and is at least a Hall of Famer. It's understandable. Tammy deserves her props. But back to the question, and taking into consideration how hot she still is, where does Dawn Marie rank?

Click the link if you're interested in seeing some old rare candid pictures of Dawn Marie

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lanny Poffo - A Real Fucking Genius

Here we go again! I don't know what Lanny Poffo is more famous for - being Randy Savage's brother or being that overly gay jobber in the WWE. That's no swipe at gay people. I know plenty of them, and there is no denying that when Lanny pranced around the ring he was really expressing himself freely. You gotta call a spade a spade here. It is EXACTLY what it is.

But now, I'm calling him a fucking liar. Lanny should be ashamed of himself, riding on the memory of his dead legendary family so that he can sneak his way into the WWE Hall of Fame. And who is there to challenge him? Nobody that still has a pulse. Hell, his mother barely has one. How disturbing is it that Poffo dragged his 85 year old mother into a YouTube video to back up his LIE? You just have to love how Lanny coaches her through the video - "We were at the mall, right mom?... Dad loved the Olive Garden. Didn't you steal some breadsticks in your purse mom?... And Randy said he wouldn't go in unless we all do, right? Just like the Von Erichs". And Judy says, "Who the fuck are the Von Erichs?"

Do you really want a ring that bad Lanny? Does it mean that much to you to be known as WWE Hall of Famer Leaping Lanny Poffo? Would you really cockblock everything your brother achieved in his career for your own selfish motives? Angelo Poffo was a legendary grappler. Your brother is perhaps the most admired worker in the history of the business. And you,... well, you're just you. An enhancement talent in the 80's, Mr. Perfect's sidekick bitch in the 90's, and fully a paid contracted roster talent for WCW in the 2000's who never saw a single minute of TV time. That's your legacy? Really?

Randy may have said something to that affect. He may have even said it word for word, to put a smile on the face of his aging dad and to pat the back of his lackey brother. And so, you would actually prevent the WWE from honoring his legacy just so you can slip yourself into the Hall and be remembered as a fucking leach? WOW! And who is going to say it isn't true? Other than the four Poffo's at Olive Garden that day, two which are now dead, and one who wishes she would have drowned you at birth - who else is there to support your claim? Oh, let me guess. You have an Olive Garden waiter that was a witness?

And what kind of douchebag throws in his political views into a video where he tries to clean up his own mess? Typical Republican bullshit. You made a lying video to defend your lie and then lie about how your political party did nothing wrong to this economy while hinting that your current President is a terrorist. You're some piece of work Lanny Poffo! A real American douchebag. What kind of fucking person are you? This has nothing to do with your political views, because everyone is entitled to their own. But maybe next time you need to preview the video before you post. Maybe you need to get some cue cards for your mother so we don't see you coaching her and practically winking at her on camera. Maybe you should tell the truth for once, and stop trying to parade yourself as someone who mattered or did anything in this business. Stop trying to be remembered for things you didn't do or achieve. It's sad to see this and even sadder to see you stand in the way. But I guess that's what makes you a "genius".

Here's a poem for you:

There once was man named Savage.
Whose brother was less than average.
He'd prance in the ring while doing his thing,
but his skills smelled worse than corn beef and cabbage.
Now he desperately wants to be in the Hall of Fame,
but his plan couldn't get any more lame.
He'll ride the legacy of his father and brother,
while making videos where he's coaching his mother,
and lie to fans saying they only wanted to be inducted by family name.
He's embed these lies in his head.
And the only ones who can challenge him are already dead.
Nice try you fucking genius,
now why don't you go eat some penis,
and just let your brother be inducted alone instead.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is Ric Flair Acting in Hollywood???

Is Ric Flair really acting in Hollywood???... Of course NOT! That guy has a mouth full of fucking marbles. Who in their right mind would hire him to act? Have you seen his commercials? If not, click here to see Ric Flair Commercials.

This is Will Ferrell in the HBO show Eastbound and Down , playing the role shady used car dealer Ashley Shaffer. But you can't tell me that his look wasn't inspired by the Nature Boy. Throw a couple of "WOOOOOOOOOs" in that script and this would be spot on!

You gotta love the famous Ashley Shaffer quote, "That's my game! Dick slappin' is my game!" At least we know the other than their looks, Flair and Shaffer have one other thing in common. WOOOOOOOOOO!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DieHard Derek Guest Posts on


Who knew I was in such demand? DieHard Derek has been asked by to contribute a few guest posts regarding the current state of the WWE product. I bet they weren't expecting what I gave them. When you ask for my opinion, you GET my opinion with no punches pulled. Remember, I'm not here to kiss the ass of the WWE. I'm not here to make a name for myself so that one day I can get my dream job working for Vince. The only person I work for is ME. I'm not interested in working for the WWE, so I have nothing to lose. Thus, I am free to speak my mind as liberal crusader of the pro wrestling business.

Click the links to check out two of my recent articles that I'm sure you'll get a kick out of:

The Fall of The WWE Champions - looks into the current value of the WWE title and its title holders, and how other roster members easily overshadow its significance.

WWE's Ryback is NO Goldberg - discusses the lackluster push of this green monster and Vince McMahon's fetish for muscle men.

I'd like to thank the editors of the website for the opportunity to express my opinions on another public forum and I look forward to welcoming new readers to this blog. Can you dig it?

Monday, June 11, 2012

FINALLY... The New WWE Championship Design - But Do You Like It?

We've all been saying that it's time to ditch that fucking bling bling spinner belt. If ever there was a wrestling prop that wore out its welcome, it was THAT fucking championship strap that took away the prestige out of being champion. When John Cena was doing his P. Diddy thing and all that Word Life Thuanomics shit, I could totally understand how tradition had to temporarily fall back in order to sell more gimmicks to the kids. It was a money thing. I get it. But its been about 8 years and a difficult task for every champion who won and wore that belt to wear it around their waist with a serious face. recently leaked out a photo of the new WWE Championship design, and while it pretty much resembles that same thing, at least the novelty of hip hop jewelry is somewhat gone. To be honest, the belt looks kind of dull. From what I understand, it's not the final design, and it may look different sewed into leather, but I don't see the "WOW" factor in it. Do you?

Hit me in the comments section and let me know what you think?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Should STING Have Been The First Inductee Into The TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame?

Just as suspected, Sting was announced at Slammiversary as the first inductee into the newly formed TNA Hall of Fame. My take on it? I have mixed feelings.

First off, I don't see why TNA has a Hall of Fame to begin with. As much as I want to support the organization, they are now ONLY celebrating their 10th anniversary as a company. how many memorable moments can you recall from their history? how many homegrown superstars and legends are they responsible for creating? Other than the old timers who don't know when to call it quits, who do you see as future TNA Hall of Famers? Say what you want, but these are all valid points.

Now on the flip side of the coin, I can see how it works from a marketing standpoint. WWE has a very popular Hall of Fame that is a huge attraction for its fans, so why not do the same for the TNA fanbase. WWE has blacklisted a bunch of names from their Hall of Fame, so why not give them the opportunity to celebrate their legacy in another place. After all, guys like Johnny Rodz, Koko B. Ware, and Drew Carey are Hall of Famers, yet Randy Savage, Bruno Sammartino, Jake Roberts, Sting and long list of others have been shunned by Vince McMahon's REAL "Kiss My Ass" club. So maybe Dixie Carter was looking for a way to get the jump on Vince. She finally pulled something off that Vince has yet to do himself. I doubt Vinnie is going to lose any sleep over this, but there will come a day when he'll have to acknowledge and respect the growth of TNA.

But this isn't about whether or not TNA should have a Hall of Fame, it's about whether or not you agree with Sting being the first inductee. Don't get me wrong, Sting has done a great amount of good to help TNA Wrestling get to the next level, but there was a lot going on in the inception of TNA long before he arrived on the scene.

What about founding father Jeff Jarrett? Sure he was heavily criticized for constantly making himself world champion in the early days of TNA, but without him, TNA wouldn't exist. Not to mention, Jarrett has been blackballed from the WWE and will never receive recognition for his contribution to the business in USWA, WWE and WCW. Jeff Jarrett is a Hall of Famer in ANY recognition of pro wrestling. But if you argue that it would be too obvious to induct Jaff first, then why not induct his father Jerry?

Jerry Jarrett was just as much a part of the inception of TNA Wrestling as his son. He has as much name value in the history of this entire business as his son. Yet he's never been celebrated in any organization and humbly continues to share follow the business regardless of all the on-going transitions into an entertainment based show.

If you really wanted to stick it deep up into Vince's ass and break it off, then why not induct Randy Savage? Now that Randy is no longer with us, Vince will praise his work and talk about how important he was to the history of the business, but because of his personal prejudices against Savage, fans will never get to hear the Macho Man's acceptance speech and hear him squeal "Ooooooooh Yeaaaaah" one last time in the middle of the ring where he made some of the most legendary memories in the history of the business. Savage may have not made a great impact to TNA (no pun intended), but he was a part of it for a short time and can easily be recognized just like anyone in the whose been enshrined in the WWE's Celebrity Wing.

Again, I'm not saying Sting doesn't belong in the TNA Hall of Fame. I just question if he should have been first.

What are your thoughts? Talk to me here in the comments sections!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

DieHard's Thoughts on Dixie Carter's Recent Comments

TNA Wrestling "head honcha", Dixie Carter, was part of a conference call last week - that of course DieHard Derek was denied access to (perhaps because some people fear the loose cannon nature of my questions). The Dixster answered business questions and made some interesting comments, both of which I'd like to offer my perspective on.

Here are some excerpts, followed by my commentary:

Dixie - They don't feel that monthly pay-per-views are necessary, and are currently negotiating their PPV deals. --- "I'm not a fan of 12 PPV's… we've got some contracts we're looking to negotiate right now. Every one will be something new and unique. We're hoping to evolve our PPV's."

DieHard - Finally! Someone other than me has said it. Monthly pay per views are not only an overkill to the product, but it also becomes a severe creative strain to your television programming, as fans will grow accustomed to pay per view style television for free. TV programs are used to build and promote the big money events, and while WWE has restructured the televised purpose for over a decade, all others have followed suit and helped over-saturate the business forcing inept storytelling as opposed to effective promotion. Look at what boxing does with HBO's 24/7 series. Look at what MMA does with press conferences and smaller scale fights. Look at how effective and profitable it is to build up a fantasy dream match, rather than over expose the actual physical contact between competitors. There is nothing wrong with pulling back, cutting costs and keeping the product strong with less pay per views. I only hope Dixie sticks to her guns and follows through , as it will be a big "fuck you" to Vince McMahon's business model. TNA's greatest strength is distancing themselves as far from the WWE as they can. Let one be a wrestling promotion and the other sports entertainment. Which will I watch? Let's just say, I grew up watching wrestling, not entertainment.

Dixie - - There was talk about moving Impact to three hours last winter, but she chose quality over quantity.---Spike asked us last thanksgiving to take Impact to three hours. We thought quality over quantity… I think we're very comfortable with our programming being two hours. Do we need more programming? Absolutely."

DieHard - Another big THANK YOU! Apparently, Vince doesn't remember the epic failure of WCW Nitro. Ironically, Eric Bischoff is working behind the scenes for TNA, and three hours on Monday was his initial doing. So to have him on board and reject the notion of going for another useless hour, and choosing quality over quantity - i think it's safe to say that TNA Wrestling has their strategic focus in place.

Dixie - - She called Alex Shelley a great talent, and the door is open for him to return.

DieHard - At first, I thought, "If he's such a great talent and you;re leaving the door open, then why did you let him get away in the first place"? Then I figured, WWE probably doesn't know what to do with him and he had already accomplished everything he could in TNA. Time to let some other names grow and sign new indy stars through the cool-as-shit Gut Check segment. If the door is open and WWE drops the ball, it'll make for a great return. If he scores big on the WWE main roster, he can look back and thank TNA for getting him there. Right now, from a business standpoint, it makes sense.

Dixie - She wants to have consistency and quality from week to week, and slow down and build their storylines better. -- "We're working very hard to make sure that whoever is on the show is on there for a reason… we've been guilty of not doing this in the past."

DieHard - Again, get those ducks in order and do the right thing. The WWE is failing because they are convinced they are the ONLY game in town, or atleast, the only game that matters. WWE's product has been piss poor since Wrestlemania and they are on a serious creative slide. This is where TNA needs to step its game up and prove that the almighty dollar isn't the end all/be all to running a successful promotion.

Dixie - WWE's attitude toward TNA --- "To not acknowledge competition is ridiculous. Competition is absolutely critical to the success of any business… it doesn't matter what industry youre in, it makes you better, it makes you work harder...Our thought is instead of trying to compete in the same form…lets try to be different, let's try to be unique, try to present our product…wrestling matters… it's not a dirty word. We're very excited about taking whats we do best..."

DieHard - WWE has NEVER acknowledged the competition until their backs were against the wall and the shit was being beaten out of them. That's the only way WWE will ever do it again, and it'll be a long hard fight for TNA to get there. But on the flipside of the coin, I totally disagree with WWE's fixation on re-inventing established performers into their own creation. How do you take someone that was hot in another organization and then re-invent them in the WWE just because you don't want to acknowledge that they had success elsewhere? Amazingly, CM Punk has never changed from what he was on the indies to what he is today. Yet, you look at a guy like Chris Harris who ended up doing two shots as Braden Walker and you could literally see the soul sucked out of him. Unbelievable how a multi-billion dollar company looses sight of moneymaking opportunities because they mark-out for their own egos. There are so many guys who have fan appeal and drawing power whose momentum can can make them stars in the WWE. But someone is con-VINCED he is GOD, all creations have to be in his own image. Luckily TNA Wrestling still in tune with the independents, and a guy like Samoa Joe is still Samoa some extent.

Dixie - Addressing following up on storylines --- "Who kidnapped Samoa Joe, what happened to the Jackie Gayda video tape? That attention to detail is critical if we are to do our best work. There have been times in the past when we HAVE NOT been consistent in our follow up… being more consistent is going to be critical to our growth. I'm confident we can continue that...We have some of the greatest characters on television, we just need to give them free reign to cut loose. I think there will be a whole new slew of viewers who are proud to watch that wrestling show!"

DieHard - I take this is a nonchalant way of admitting that the booking committee had been dropping the ball and that the product was suffering for a very long time. Was Vince Russo the problem? Maybe. We're there too many chef's in the kitchen? Maybe. Was the lack of ratings and fan backlash a wake up call? Perhaps. The point is, YOU spoke, THEY heard, and now they have publicly committed to fixing it. How can you NOT support that?

Dixie - Lack of X Division --- "We've had a lot of injuries which have effected some long term plans we have had…this is not a division you can just put anybody in… it's been disheartening for all of us over the last 12-13 months. Gutcheck, we are specifically looking for X-Division type wrestlers"

DieHard -
They key to making TNA work is to be different and distinguish itself from the WWE product. Losing the six-sided ring was a mistake, but one that can be dealt with. The X-Division was a staple in the promotions success and was cast away once Hogan brought in his "friends". Now after proving that he was wrong, it's back to the drawing board and resurrecting what was right. The WWE doesn't understand the difference between the X-Division and a Cruiserweight division. The answer is, pick up the hungry guys from the indies in all shapes and sizes and let them work from their passion, not a script.

Dixie - Next step?--- "TNA as a brand we need to expand outside of wrestling. We've had a tremendous 10 years, we've overcome a lot of adversity and I think we are set to have a bright future."

DieHard -
As long as they don't go too far out of the box and start acting like Hollywood marks. Focus on the product and making the roster household names. Don't worry about movies and reality shows. Make stars.

WWE Adds Chris Benoit To Current Project

The name Chris Benoit is taboo within the WWE. No one mentions him and his career in the business has pretty much been erased like Arnold Shwarzenegger's mind in Total Recall. You can't blame them. The man is a cowardly murderer.

Yeah, I said it. It's not a bash, it's true. I was a huge admirer of Benoit since his early days. I rooted for him as an underdog. Shit, I even worked with him during my time in WCW. I know what it's like to be stressed beyond the point of a meltdown. Granted, I was fortunate enough to find a solution to my problems and keep moving forward, but even if it had gotten the best of me and I decided to call it a lifetime, why would I end the lives of those I loved - especially my own children. They still had a chance to hit the reset button on life and find a way to move on. Regardless of the curves life tosses you NEVER, and I mean NEVER, fuck with the life of an innocent child.

No matter how much respect I had for your work, it's not worth a cup of warm piss to me now. How could I watch a match of Chris Benoit and try to appreciate how great he was knowing that he's a child murderer? How can I admire a sound ring technician whose craft was thing of beauty knowing that those hands committed such evil acts? There is absolutely no way you can celebrate a monster of that kind.

Apparently, the WWE feels the same way. The name Chris Benoit is extinct from the WWE archives. There is no mention of him or his achievements, no replayed matches, now photos, NOTHING. Sure we all know he existed, and there is no denying he was a great wrestler - but there is no need to remember him. No need to glorify his work for the sake of profit or historical reference.... Then again, if there is way to profit by making a historical reference, then Vince McMahon really can't call it blood money, can he?

For the record, that was a sarcastic lead-in for what the WWE's upcoming updated encyclopedia. Benoit was listed in the first encyclopedia released in 2009, two years after his tragic killing spree. His career was covered up to 2004, when he lost the World Heavyweight title to Randy Orton. When asked via Twitter, whether or not Benoit section would be included in the revised release, author Kevin Sullivan responded, "Yes, he does."

Vince McMahon stated during a 2009 interview with WWE Magazine for "The Untold History of the WWE" issue that it is okay to acknowledge Benoit within a historical context but not in a promotional manner.

"It's not right to pretend he didn't exist," he said when asked whether Benoit's history can be acknowledged by WWE. "It's one thing to include him as part of a historical perspective, which I believe is okay, and it's another thing to promote him, which is not okay.

"The situation is very similar to that of O.J. Simpson—despite his controversy, O.J. was still a part of the NFL scene. You can't deny that he existed."

Over a three-day period ending on June 24, 2007. Benoit killed his wife, Nancy Benoit, strangled his seven-year-old son, Daniel, and subsequently committed suicide by hanging. A Hollywood biopic is currently in pre-production to tell the story. Read this story to for more info on the Chris Benoit movie.

What are YOUR thoughts on Chris Benoit and how do you feel the WWE should handle his legacy? Hit me on the comments section!

WWE Finally Admits That Lord Tensai Is A Failure!

I ain't one to say I told you so...but I TOLD YOU SO!

Exactly a month ago, I posted an article where I declared that the Lord Tensai gimmick had failed. Don't believe me? Read it right HERE. Once Brock Lesnar stepped into the spotlight, it was OVER for Tensai. But all the heat can't fall on Brock. WWE creative did a piss poor job at keeping up with the Tensai push. There were promo packages leading to his debut, his look was unique, his size was enormous and much needed, and WWE announcers even made mention that he was a former star who went to Japan and re-invented himself - just to clear up any "this guy looks familiar" questions.

Tensai debuts, squashes a few guys and even scores a win over John Cena on RAW. Still no pop? Yeah, he's a little slower that we last saw him, but we're supposed to focus on his size, aren't we? There was buzz about him being a bounty hunter of sorts for John Laurinaitis, but creative writers on Brock's jock cock-blocked that. Let's be fair and toss a little blame on the man behind the gimmick himself. After all, he didn't do much to help it get over and get connected with the crowd. If you're not doing your part, then how can you expect to see effective results? This is America, man! Most of us don't get that Japanese discipline and appreciation shit. I wish they did, but those who do watch Ring of Honor for that. You need to entertain the WWE Universe. If you say your from Japan, you need some sushi in your finisher or something. Stab a motherfucker in the eye with a chop stick. Do something!...But he didn't, nor did the office.

Now word around the camp fire is that the office has officially chalked him up as a failed experiment, and any and all creative plans they had for him have now been inherited by The Big Show. If the WWE is doing ANYTHING right these days, it's how they are booking Big Show. It took them 15 years to finally get it right, but I guess it is cliche that it's better late than never.

There has been talk about making changes and tweaks to the character, but I think the damage is done. Best bet might be to take him off TV for a couple of months and then have him do a surprise run-in in a major match. That might help re-ignite his heat, but it has to be something hardcore and memorable. Too bad WWE is plagued by their PG rating, because they could have done something that contained Japanese torture techniques and some blood. Maybe jig an opponent with a ninja star or samurai sword - some nasty Tarantino Kill Bill shit. Even if they were to make him a bodyguard, his effectiveness once he gets in the ring has already proven a lack of interest. If this character is going to get over and try to bring that Japanese-style, then he REALLY needs to bring the style. Let's see some chops that makes chest skin bubble and break. Let's see stiff knees and forearm smashes. Let's see some good old Japanese stretching. The face paint and the robe aren't enough. It makes this guy look like a happy meal toy.

Creative needs to get it right. Seriously, who the fuck hires these guys? You're a creative writer. You're specialty is attention to detail. Meanwhile, you've turned a pseudo-competitive full contact sport into a comedic circus while losing your audience to MMA. Well, for those of you who have thrown your hands up in frustration with the WWE's continued failures, the good news is that you'll probably end up seeing Brock Lesnar return to the octagon sooner than later. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't make it to Wrestlemania 29. THEN, they'll be kicking themselves in the ass for not getting this Tensai character developed and pushed properly.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Triple H Buries Top Level Talent? --- No Fucking Way!

I love when former employees come out and spill the bean on their former employers - especially when it's pro wrestling related. Ever heard of Seth Mates?... Me either, but apparently he was at one time part of the WWE creative writing team, which is pretty much the dream job of any mark in this business. You gotta be crazy or smoking that crack to give up your dream job, right?... WRONG! Seth Mates isn't the first person to admit that working for the WWE is nothing short of a fucking nightmare.

I get so many emails from fans and followers of this blog telling me that I should tone it down a notch because I'm hurting my chances of getting a job with the WWE. let me set the record straight - I DO NOT WANT TO WORK FOR THE WWE! I had my chances back in the day, and I guess fate had other plans. In my career that started back in 1992, I've had numerous opportunities to go and work at Titan, and for some reason or another, the moons didn't align and it just wasn't right for me. Now if a guy like me can say that, then i can only imagine what it must be like for a guy who was actually in there enduring the constant bullshit.

So Seth has taken to Twitter to share his experiences, and recently he revealed... no, let's say CONFIRMED... something we've all known and heard rumblings of for quite some time. Apparently Triple H uses his political stroke to bury top level talent to both fans and colleagues. The balls on that motherfucker!

Seth Mates was asked on Twitter, "Why does Triple H always bury the guy whose on fire?"

"Positioning," Mates responded. "If ratings dip, guess whhho's back next week to save the day? Loves to be the 'savior'. #positioning."

So for all those who hope the industry might change for the better the day Vince McMahon dies, I guess you're now going to have to wait until Triple H overdoses on steroids. Maybe I need to invest more time in watching TNA Wrestling.

Is Randy Orton's WWE Career Over?

You've all heard the news that Randy Orton has been suspended for 60 days for failing yet another WWE drug test that came back positive for the anabolic steroid Dianabol, which is banned by the United States Congress under its Controlled Substances Act. And now that this is the "third strike" in Orton's career, word is that several officials are lobbying for his termination from the organization.

On Friday, Orton met with Vince McMahon, Paul "Triple H" Levesque and Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn, in what was described as a "hostile" meeting to discuss his future within the company. While a decision has yet to be finalized, there is a strong sense of uncertainty in whether or not Orton will continue his wrestling career inside a WWE ring.

Orton signed a lucrative 10-year deal with the WWE in 2010, and some feel that his constant disregard for the substance policies shouldn't be rewarded with such financial security and headline status. Should he remain with the company, it will only send a negative message to the rest of the locker room dictating that if you're a top guy in the company, you can justify getting away with the violations.

On the flip side of that coin, what would become of Orton's career if he were terminated from the WWE? He is one of their top drawing talents and a homegrown superstar with legendary lineage. So much has been invested in Orton's career, that his stock is still pretty valuable in the eyes of the paying fans. Most of the demographics don't pay attention to what goes on behind the scenes. Orton's merchandise moves based on his performance in the ring. It's his sports entertainment character that sells tickets, get asses in the seats, sells pay per views and draws the fans. Personally speaking, I truly hope the WWE terminates Randy Orton...because he is the type of talent TNA Wrestling needs to really put them on the map. And if Orton is given his released and wished well on his "future endeavors", he'd be the hottest free agent on the market in over a decade. His presence could literally change the landscape in TNA Wrestling.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Is Brock Lesnar Regretting His Return To WWE?

I've said it NUMEROUS times - the WWE lost ALL of its creative steam the night after Wrestlemania when they invested all all their effort into Brock Lesnar. Don't get me wrong, his return was the most talked about thing for a few weeks. Nothing else on the program mattered anymore once Brock arrived on the scene. But after his match with John Cena at Extreme Rules, the general consensus was that Brock Lesnar was NOT the same man he was when he left the WWE eight years earlier.

His match with Cena was rushed too soon and his performance stunk the joint up. Once fans got a whiff of what the Brock was cooking, they sent it right back. His response fizzled quickly, and Triple H saw an immediate opening to toss himself back into the spotlight and later take credit for saving the Brock investment. Truth be told - even Triple H can't help unravel this train wreck. The WWE literally "marked out" for Brock Lesnar. So much, that they promised him a limited number of dates on his contract and burned through a good portion of them within the first 30 days. Brock Lesnar has been off TV for several weeks, and he hasn't been missed. His absence hasn't impacted the program in the slightest way.

So it was no surprise that Brock would position himself cageside at UFC 146 to get noticed and steal some of the spotlight burn during the Junior Dos Santos vs. Frank Mir fight. Word around the campfire was that Brock was meeting with UFC president Dana White to discuss a comeback to the octagon, but White had no interest. And why would he? Brock abruptly retired after his last defeat and jumped ship to the pre-determined world of pro wrestling. And now because Brock couldn't cut it in the fake animated WWE Universe, he finds the urge (and desperate need) to jolt his stock back up by reminding the world of the ass-kicking machine he was. But as long as Brock still has an affiliation to Vince McMahon's wrestling circus, Dana White has ZERO interest in getting his hands dirty or giving the media the false notion that UFC needs Brock Lesnar back.

Many believe Brock is in a state of regret in his decision to return to pro wrestling. They believe Brock was nothing but hype and couldn't deliver the goods. They believe that his weak performance may have hindered his value in the eyes of the WWE board and its creative team, limiting him to what he can do and how he can get over with the sports entertainment crowd. They believe that the future is uncertain and that their fantasy booking of a match against The Undertaker at next year's Wrestlemania will fall short of expectations and compromise the strength of the show.

I am one of those believers.

Excerpts From A Recent Vince Russo Interview

Say what you want about Vince Russo, but most of those who take a big wet shit on him now, were singing his praises in the 90's when he got in the ear of Vince McMahon and influenced him to scrap the animated and near bankrupting product he was force-feeding fans, and embrace the attitude era. Things changed when the pencil was handed over to Vince Russo. Ratings spiked, the game changed and profits rolled in by the truckloads. It was arguably the greatest era in pro wrestling history.

To this day, Russo doesn't get his due. Much of it comes from his involvement in WCW, and the rest comes from his run in TNA. As much of a supporter as I am of Vinny Ru, I can't even explain some of that shit. It's hard to fathom that the same guy who helped spawn the WWE attitude era was also responsible for some of the worst pro wrestling television in the history of the business.

But there is always two sides of the story. And yes, I'm a bit biased because I proudly consider Vince Russo a friend. And even though I can't agree with a good portion of what the last few years of his career has produced, a friend doesn't abandon another friend when tides get tough.

Last Thursday, Vince Russo was interviewed by Inside The Ropes. Here are some of the highlights:

How he got his start in WWF:
I was doing a wrestling radio show in Long Island, New York which I was Funding with my own money. I started running out of money. I wrote a letter to Linda McMahon, knowing if I wrote to Vince he probably wouldn't answer it. I wrote a letter to Linda McMahon introducing myself, telling her what I was doing and saying I'd love an opportunity in the World Wrestling Federation at that time.

WWF being stuck in same rut as 1995:
Here we are, twenty years later almost and in my opinion the wrestling business is at the same exact spot. In my opinion at that time WWE was about ten years behind with what was going on in society at that time. I feel here we are in 2012, and I feel that the wrestling industry is at the same exact place, I think time has passed them by. They've become irrelevant. There's nobody willing to make the changes that need to be made to bring the product up to speed.

What led to Vince going with the Attitude idea and pushing the envelope:
I remember it was a RAW where it was being simulcasted they were shooting in the States and overseas. The rating came in the next day and it was rock bottom, it was maybe a 2.1, I mean it was really really bad. I went into work the next day and literally as soon as I sat down at my desk, Vince's assistant called me that he wanted to see me. I went up to Vince's office, he had all his key people in the room. He had the RAW magazine in his hand. I was worried, I was ready to be fired. He took that RAW magazine and slammed it down on the desk and said "this is what the show need to be" I was absolutely shocked. I thought it was going the other way. I had no dream that it was going to go that way.

Was the original plan for WrestleMania XV to be triple threat Austin/Rock/Foley:
Absolutely. That's the way it was booked but someone who wasn't involved had a very different opinion about it and they kinda got in Vince's ear and Austin's ear and next thing I know Mick was out the picture, I wasn't happy about it, I thought Mick deserved it, but you do what the boss tells you so we made the change.

Just to clarify, was it Shawn Michaels that was in Austin and Vince's ear:
Could have been…..

Did Ferrara's Oklahoma gimmick go too far?
Absolutely. There's no question about it. But that's where it was at the time. I look at that now and I think 'how could you do that?' Thankfully I've had probably 3 or 4 conversations with JR since, I was able to apologise and get it all off my chest. Being 51, looking back at that now, yeah it was wrong.

Seeing title belts as props:
The first time I saw wrestling, it was clear to me it was entertainment. I knew it wasn't real. The characters were great, over the top. The storylines were straight out of soap opera digest. To me, it was entertainment and that's why it always was. You have this title belt, it's not real, these matches aren't real, nobody is winning this belt. We're writing it that way. So you use that belt as part of the entertainment. I feel that way to this day. When I saw Capt Lou Albano and the Valiants, I got it, I understood what it was. That was always my philosophy.

Why have TNA struggles to create their own brand name stars?
Because I think there's a lack of patience. Ratings don't happen overnight. Ratings happen when you commit to something and you stay the course. That's why the attitude era worked. Vince stuck with it, we didn't let the rating affect us on a weekly basis, we rode it out. Unfortunately, that was never the mindset at TNA. There was a lot of emphasis on the rating week to week, then creative is being directed to jump all over the place. It might take a year, but if you stay with it and believe in it, it's going to work. It's not going to work if every 6 weeks or 2 months you're changing course and going in a different direction. I feel TNA have been guilty of that for a very long time.

Russo, Bischoff and Hogan in TNA together – Why didn't it work?
It's simple, you can't have these three strong personalities in opinions working together, you can't. I worked very peacefully with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. In working together like that, everyone really trying hard to get along and wanting to get along, what each person is doing, is compromising your ideas and beliefs so everyone gets along. In my opinion its not a good way to do business. There needs to be one boss, laying out the direction. If it's working great, if it's not, get rid of him and bring the next guy in. I'm a firm believer in that. In my opinion all these cooks in the kitchen, trying to get along, you end up with a product that's very vanilla.

Was it the "too many cooks in the kitchen" that led you to leave TNA?
Yeah it was. It was kinda like, OK it was, me, Eric and Hulk, that's cool. Then you're gonna bring in Bruce Pritchard. It gets to a point where it's too much. It gets to a point where I feel like I'm wasting your time and I'm wasting my time because I can't be the real Vince Russo. You're not getting what you paid for. Once another chef was added to that kitchen, I just took a step back, and for the good of the company somebody had to bow out and I decided it would be me.

Anything he wanted to do in TNA that he couldn't?
To be me. Not compromise myself. The only time in my career that I was successful was in the WWF. Vince McMahon gave me the ball and he let me run with it. There were no committees. There was no 6 other peoples opinions. He trusted me, he gave me the ball. That was the only time in my career that I was allowed to work that way. I know what kind of environment I need to be put in to be successful. Committees in the wrestling business, do not work. Someone needs to show me a committee in the last 15 years that worked. You need to have a head writer, let him bring in his crew, if they run with it and it's a pass great, if they fail, get rid of them. Anything else is going to be vanilla and is going to be a so-so product which is what you're seeing now in the wrestling business and not just in TNA.

Is the bad relationship with Jim Cornette due to different philosophies?
It definitely is. The relationship isn't bad on both parts. I don't have a problem in the world with him. I don't bad mouth him, I never have. It lies with him, not with me. All it is, is different philosophies. I think for some reason Jim has taken it to the extreme. That's his deal, that's not mine.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dawn Marie Goes Topless At Wrestling Show?

So I get this pic sent to me from a fan who runs a site featuring rare pics of female wrestling personalities in the buff. Now I know there are tons of girls who have striped it all down for the pages of Playboy (boring) and others who started their careers before wrestling doing softcore porn (much better). But it's not often that I hear of a talent who took it all off in the middle of the ring.

Sure you have your WEW wrestling groups where they had strippers named G.I. Hoe cat-fighting with more seasoned girls like Annie Social for an NC-17 audience. But I guess I missed the event when former WWE and ECW diva Dawn Marie ripped her shirt off in the middle of a ring.

After closely analyzing the picture, I'm pretty confident it was Dawn showing off her boobage. At first, I thought it may have been during an episode of WWE Smackdown because the ring ropes were all blue. But looking closer, you see the short walkway to the ring and the production lights on the floor. Immediately, the low budget flag scores a ping. Was this back in the ECW days? Not to mention, Dawn's jiggle meat is considerably smaller than they are today. For those not as familiar with the former WWE diva, you can check out a few WWE sanctioned pics below.

Back to the investigation, I doubt this was shot an indy show. First off, who would show their tits for $50. Well, maybe Missy Hyatt. Secondly, indy shows can't afford production lights. Could this be for the XPW organization? I doubt it. That would have been in between gigs from the original ECW and her stint in the WWE. Vince normally doesn't like hiring girls with a "blue" past. Then again, this was the attitude era - a time when Vince pimped the shit out of his girls.

The other thing that strikes me funny is that this looks more like a screen cap than it does an actual photo. So some perverted mark shot this from their TV screen - meaning that this moment was actually broadcast somewhere. Was it live TV? PPV? or home video?

Have any of you ever seen this pic before? Do you know when and where it was taken? Do you know the organization? And do you know where I can find more?

Thanks to DieHard Wrestling fan Billy Stanford - we now know it was from a WWE Smackdown event.... Here is the video clip!