Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stephanie McMcahon Shows Her Boob

Don't get too excited. She didn't bare it all like when her Daddy used to pimp out his divas to Playboy magazine. Actually, it's a pretty old picture that was sent to me.

The Billion-Dollar Princess, Stephanie McMahon, shows off her ten grand boobs. Well, at least one of them - so that's about five large worth. Unfortunately, it's not in the dirty fashion we all hoped. This was more of a "wardrobe malfunction". I'm not insinuating that Daddy's little head of creative gave the fans a peek for a cheap pop on purpose. She saves that for the locker room!....

Don't give me that fucking look! Do you seriously think that Triple H was the first wrestler that Stephanie McMahon fooled around with? Isn't there a taboo story about why Randy Savage is blacklisted from the WWE? Let's ask Vince about that one. Oooooooh yeah!

This is one of those pro wrestling bloopers that happened during a RAW broadcast and luckily for us, there was an aspiring amateur photographer sitting ringside to snap this one off with his Kodak. Apparently, he (I'm taking a wild guess and saying it was a "he" because no "she" in her right mind would pop off for an opportunity to catch Stephanie assume the position with Triple H - then again, these are the same minds that came up with that Fifty Shades of Grey bullshit), must have thought that he was the fly on the Marriott room wall watching these two in a familiar position. As you can tell, this wasn't the first time Stephanie had her head between Triple H's legs.

Long story short, here is a pic that was shared with me, so now I share with you. If you've already seen it, there's nothing more I can do for you. You wanna do one better? Get me a pic of her other boob!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dawn Marie - Still Hot After All These Years

I would still jerk off to Dawn Marie. That's not a diss to her. If anything, it's a huge compliment. I can still look at her and say to myself, "I would ruin that ass!"

Give me a fucking break. I'm a guy and this is guy talk. This is what all you dudes say when you look at the WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, Up and Coming Indy Wrestlers that compete in female wrestling promotions like WSU... or any other female for that matter. You don't gawk at them and say, "She's a helluva wrestler. Good technician. Solid promos. Can't wait to see her next match". Absolutely NOT! It's all about how hot she is, how big her tits are and how they jiggle when her body hits the mat, and how you'd like her to bounce that sweet ass on her your lap. I've heard some of these perverts even go as far as saying that they'd drink a mile of a woman's piss just to see where it came from. You nasty motherfuckers!

The bottomline is that as a former WWE Diva and ECW original, Dawn Marie has pretty much fallen off the pro wrestling radar. Last time anyone really heard from her, she was being accused of scamming money out of the Wrestler's Rescue charity organization that she co-founded. Which, by the way, is total bullshit. If she's guilty of anything, it's trusting people. But who wants to talk about politics when you have a rack like that? Let's get back to the point before I lose my erection.

Even though Dawn hasn't spent much time in the limelight, it's understandable because she's now a full-time mother. And I'd just like to thank those kids for making that boobage so much more desirable. You talk about MILFs? You can add Dawn Marie at the top of the food chain. Amazingly, she is one of the few notable divas that has never sold herself out and taken it all off for profit. Damn her for having such integrity.

The closest thing you may have seen was when Dawn Marie flashed her boobs on WWE Smackdown wearing pasties. I ran into Dawn over the winter at one of those over crowded pro wrestling conventions in New Jersey, and she was still looking as hot as ever. She hasn't lost it a bit. So what if she's a little bit thicker. That's just more Dawn Marie to enjoy. I've been a big fan of hers since we first met back in 1996. We've done a bunch of work together over the years, and I'm looking forward to doing more. There is absolutely no reason why this hottie should be forgotten.

My question to you wrestling fans is, where does she rank amongest the all-time WWE divas, or all-time female wrestling personalities? People still go banana flavored ape shit over Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, but she's equally hot, got naked with a bunch of other crack whores, and is at least a Hall of Famer. It's understandable. Tammy deserves her props. But back to the question, and taking into consideration how hot she still is, where does Dawn Marie rank?

Click the link if you're interested in seeing some old rare candid pictures of Dawn Marie

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lanny Poffo - A Real Fucking Genius

Here we go again! I don't know what Lanny Poffo is more famous for - being Randy Savage's brother or being that overly gay jobber in the WWE. That's no swipe at gay people. I know plenty of them, and there is no denying that when Lanny pranced around the ring he was really expressing himself freely. You gotta call a spade a spade here. It is EXACTLY what it is.

But now, I'm calling him a fucking liar. Lanny should be ashamed of himself, riding on the memory of his dead legendary family so that he can sneak his way into the WWE Hall of Fame. And who is there to challenge him? Nobody that still has a pulse. Hell, his mother barely has one. How disturbing is it that Poffo dragged his 85 year old mother into a YouTube video to back up his LIE? You just have to love how Lanny coaches her through the video - "We were at the mall, right mom?... Dad loved the Olive Garden. Didn't you steal some breadsticks in your purse mom?... And Randy said he wouldn't go in unless we all do, right? Just like the Von Erichs". And Judy says, "Who the fuck are the Von Erichs?"

Do you really want a ring that bad Lanny? Does it mean that much to you to be known as WWE Hall of Famer Leaping Lanny Poffo? Would you really cockblock everything your brother achieved in his career for your own selfish motives? Angelo Poffo was a legendary grappler. Your brother is perhaps the most admired worker in the history of the business. And you,... well, you're just you. An enhancement talent in the 80's, Mr. Perfect's sidekick bitch in the 90's, and fully a paid contracted roster talent for WCW in the 2000's who never saw a single minute of TV time. That's your legacy? Really?

Randy may have said something to that affect. He may have even said it word for word, to put a smile on the face of his aging dad and to pat the back of his lackey brother. And so, you would actually prevent the WWE from honoring his legacy just so you can slip yourself into the Hall and be remembered as a fucking leach? WOW! And who is going to say it isn't true? Other than the four Poffo's at Olive Garden that day, two which are now dead, and one who wishes she would have drowned you at birth - who else is there to support your claim? Oh, let me guess. You have an Olive Garden waiter that was a witness?

And what kind of douchebag throws in his political views into a video where he tries to clean up his own mess? Typical Republican bullshit. You made a lying video to defend your lie and then lie about how your political party did nothing wrong to this economy while hinting that your current President is a terrorist. You're some piece of work Lanny Poffo! A real American douchebag. What kind of fucking person are you? This has nothing to do with your political views, because everyone is entitled to their own. But maybe next time you need to preview the video before you post. Maybe you need to get some cue cards for your mother so we don't see you coaching her and practically winking at her on camera. Maybe you should tell the truth for once, and stop trying to parade yourself as someone who mattered or did anything in this business. Stop trying to be remembered for things you didn't do or achieve. It's sad to see this and even sadder to see you stand in the way. But I guess that's what makes you a "genius".

Here's a poem for you:

There once was man named Savage.
Whose brother was less than average.
He'd prance in the ring while doing his thing,
but his skills smelled worse than corn beef and cabbage.
Now he desperately wants to be in the Hall of Fame,
but his plan couldn't get any more lame.
He'll ride the legacy of his father and brother,
while making videos where he's coaching his mother,
and lie to fans saying they only wanted to be inducted by family name.
He's embed these lies in his head.
And the only ones who can challenge him are already dead.
Nice try you fucking genius,
now why don't you go eat some penis,
and just let your brother be inducted alone instead.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dawn Marie Goes Topless At Wrestling Show?

So I get this pic sent to me from a fan who runs a site featuring rare pics of female wrestling personalities in the buff. Now I know there are tons of girls who have striped it all down for the pages of Playboy (boring) and others who started their careers before wrestling doing softcore porn (much better). But it's not often that I hear of a talent who took it all off in the middle of the ring.

Sure you have your WEW wrestling groups where they had strippers named G.I. Hoe cat-fighting with more seasoned girls like Annie Social for an NC-17 audience. But I guess I missed the event when former WWE and ECW diva Dawn Marie ripped her shirt off in the middle of a ring.

After closely analyzing the picture, I'm pretty confident it was Dawn showing off her boobage. At first, I thought it may have been during an episode of WWE Smackdown because the ring ropes were all blue. But looking closer, you see the short walkway to the ring and the production lights on the floor. Immediately, the low budget flag scores a ping. Was this back in the ECW days? Not to mention, Dawn's jiggle meat is considerably smaller than they are today. For those not as familiar with the former WWE diva, you can check out a few WWE sanctioned pics below.

Back to the investigation, I doubt this was shot an indy show. First off, who would show their tits for $50. Well, maybe Missy Hyatt. Secondly, indy shows can't afford production lights. Could this be for the XPW organization? I doubt it. That would have been in between gigs from the original ECW and her stint in the WWE. Vince normally doesn't like hiring girls with a "blue" past. Then again, this was the attitude era - a time when Vince pimped the shit out of his girls.

The other thing that strikes me funny is that this looks more like a screen cap than it does an actual photo. So some perverted mark shot this from their TV screen - meaning that this moment was actually broadcast somewhere. Was it live TV? PPV? or home video?

Have any of you ever seen this pic before? Do you know when and where it was taken? Do you know the organization? And do you know where I can find more?

Thanks to DieHard Wrestling fan Billy Stanford - we now know it was from a WWE Smackdown event.... Here is the video clip!