Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mike "Virgil" Jones - The $3,500 SLAVE!

TRUE STORY - Ran into Mike Jones aka VIRGIL this weekend. He's signing at New York Comic Con. Rich Mancuso asks him about doing a booking and Virgil tells him his pay is $3,500. Then he tells people, "Get the fuck away from my table. Your killing my business."

First off - FUCK VIRGIL! The only time you ever saw $3,500 was when WCW overpaid you!!! You're barely worth $250. VIRGIL is a NOBODY in this business. He'll always be remembered as Ted DiBiasie's SLAVE. Nice job Mike Jones. Way to set the African American image back 400 years!!!.

***When this was posted on Facebook, I took some heat for using the term "slave". Yeah, some people are still emotional about it. Let's clear something up right now:

Nothing in this post was meant to be racist. The Virgil character was exactly what I called it - and to further validate it, once Virgil stared a singles career, the DiBiasie character tried to purchase the white Hercules as a SLAVE.
They never used the term when Virgil was his lackey because of the sensitive nature. Bodyguard, servant, butler - it was ALWAYS a racial undertone in the WWE.

If anything, I'm in the defense of the African American community because I'm appalled that an African American would agree to portray such a character after all they've done to gain their civil equality throughout American history. By performing as a slave infront of an audience of millions (especially children), it lends credence in theoretically setting back their strength and progress as Americans.

By the way - if I offended anybody with the term "slave" - GET THE FUCK OVER IT!