Friday, August 26, 2011

Who Has The Best Boobage In The Business???

OK people... some Friday Fun... Who has the best "boobage" in the business???... I'm gonna learn towards Tamara Lynn Sytch... Not too big, good bounce, can pass for real and still holds up after all these years... I don't think you'll find a better rack in pro wrestling... Who's your choice???

FACEBOOK FEEDBACK (including Comments From Tammy Sytch herself!!!):

Robert Spike Norton Viscera...lmao!

Michelle Ficca-Hands Take it easy now diehard thats ur 2nd sunny post. U becoming a minion or something. And dont get ur panties in a bunch. Im just kidding ya. Tammy does look good but the best chest belongs to hhh. Oh n viscera of course.

Richard Cruz ODB!!!!

Jason Tucker Torrie Wilson

Johnny Whitelock sunny defo wins this a ngt with me for keepin them looking good for so many yrs lol haha

Jason Roberts Tammy she is hot lok her up online with no clothes she is hot

Johnny Whitelock dont think any of us would kick her oot of bed thats for sure lmao

Jason Tucker only if she preferred the floor!!

Johnny Whitelock if she did i'd ask her to keep her tits on the bed lol haha

DieHard Pro-Wrestling ‎@Michelle - LOL... That's pretty funny because it's exactly what I was thinking before I posted it... I didn't want to make it seem like I was riding Tammy's jock two day in a row...BUT, in all honesty, it's my choice. Originally I was going to push for Traci Brooks, but Tammy's funbags trump hers any day of the week and twice on Sunday... it's an honest answer...

DieHard Pro-Wrestling ‎@Jason - Torrie Wilson has a nice pair - but they doe't look friendly enough. They don't seem playful and jiggly. It's like a supermodel with no personality.

DieHard Pro-Wrestling ‎@Richard - ODB has a decent rack for a chick with a butter-face...

Jason Tucker Mae Young!!!LOL

Johnny Whitelock i argee 150% bout torrie wilson lol brill lol

Richard Cruz Old dirty bitch. from TNA / IMPACT

Jason Tucker Lets talk indies for a minute....Lizzy Valentine! Thoughts?

Johnny Whitelock arent they all old dirty bitches in tna lol

DieHard Pro-Wrestling ‎@Jason - Lizzy has a great pair, but not enough people know about them and they haven't been appreciated on a national scale...

Jason Tucker True, that means someone is failing!!!LOL

Johnny Whitelock who is Lizzy Valentine anyway lol mite check her oot haha

Jason Tucker worker out in LA!! She was on TNA and they got alot of emails wanting her back but its never happened!!

Johnny Whitelock just checked her oot Lizzzy v that is and dam they arent even a B cup lol

Johnny Whitelock phh well if she can wrestle no point her goin to crap TNA or WWE when i think about it haha

Jason Tucker Lita had a nice rack too!! But we are comparing here so not sure if they compare to Sunny's!

Frank Gonzalez I have seen a lot of boobs in my time. But I think Missy Hyatt had the best set I have ever seen. She started it all. Thank you Missy where ever you are.

Jason Tucker Maybe if I hold one from each lady in my hand I could judge better!!LOL

Johnny Whitelock we would all b lining up for that chance jason and fuck the wrestling we'd b thinking lol

Gabe TheBabe I'd have to say Melina.

DieHard Pro-Wrestling ‎@Frank - Missy's boobs were an all time favorite, but she's a mess and her bags have aged as bad as her facial plastic surgeries...Has anyone seen her Daffy Duck lips???.... Missy HAD great boobs, but now they're more like saddle bags.

DieHard Pro-Wrestling I do have to give an honorable mention to Dawn Marie.... She has a great pair to motor-boat!

Johnny Whitelock best boobs ive seen ever is my girlfriends dam they r real 150% and fucking big haha yes u guys can b jerious lol

DieHard Pro-Wrestling If anyone wants to check out Traci Brooks boobage in action - check out this link:

DieHard Pro-Wrestling ‎@Johnny - there's nothing better than having your own set of exclusive perfect tits at home..... But every now and then when your playing with them, you may want to close your eyes and dip into your divas memory bank and bust out the all time favs highlight reel....!!!

DieHard Pro-Wrestling Don't be shy... Pass this thread around to your friends... I'd like to hear ALL wrestling fans input....

Johnny Whitelock dam that traci brooks video sucks they dont even bonce lol dam lol and they r tiny next to my gfs lol

Johnny Whitelock ‎@ mr diehard :P i am more than happy to check oot lots of diff sets but long she doesnt find oot lol haha lol

John Dyson Tammy is great another all world is April Hunter

Shane Tidwell Kelly kelly mmmmmm

Jason Tucker Trish Stratus is another good one

Johnny Whitelock yeh trish is defo a dish yummy lol

DieHard Pro-Wrestling I think Trish had a boob reduction... They don't look as tasty as the use to when she first started and was doing fitness modeling.... I guess she downgraded because she's into yoga now... which also probably means that she's like a vegan and tofu eater, thus making her farts smell like a three week old corpse.

Jason Tucker Stephanie McMahon had some great ones too!

DieHard Pro-Wrestling YES! Steph did have some awesome boobage... Very similar to Tammy's pair... She just didn't exude sex appeal... She looked more like the quiet girl next door that gave everybody head in the bathroom during the holiday party at the office....

Jason Tucker who's to say those things didn't happen!!!LOL

Johnny Whitelock it'd have let her gee me head lol

Tamara Lynn Sytch didnt make this post, did you? hahahahah well, thank you very much. I honestly think i have the only set of implants that people still ask me if they are real. b/c they look it. I had a very good doctr, and he made them pass for real.. ive even been changing in locker rooms, and some girls actually ask me if they are real, and when i say no, the look of shock on their faces are so funny.

Jason Tucker If we had the Best Boobs in Wrestling trophy we would present to you!! Way to keep em looking good!!

DieHard Pro-Wrestling ‎@Tamara Lynn Sytch - excluding your perfect juggs, who else do you think has the best fun bags in the business???... You've been around them all and have probably seen them loose and running free topless in the locker room.

Tamara Lynn Sytch there are a fw girls that dont look so good naked... i wont name names, but lets just say Playboy does a LOT of airbrushing.

DieHard Pro-Wrestling I'm sure of it... I've seen a couple of them naked without the help of photoshop... but which ones would you like to play with???

Johnny Whitelock lmao

Tamara Lynn Sytch well, i wouldnt want to play with any of them b/c im not a lesbo, but Eve torres has a nice set

DieHard Pro-Wrestling You don't have to be a lesbo to have fun with titties.... Eve Torres is pretty hot.. She's like the poor-man's Eva Mendes, minus the horse mouth...

DieHard Pro-Wrestling HOLD UP!... You're telling me after all these years, you've never made a girl/girl sandwhich?

Tamara Lynn Sytch nope. no lesbo stuff for me...not even in college. nothing. Girls are beautiful, and i dont mind staring, but never had the urge. sorry to burst your fantasy Im strictly dickly.

John McDonald Tamara your beauty is timeless ... If I had a company I know you would be 1 my first choices for female talent ... Beauty + Brains.

Panda Mattchu i was vry lucky to get a smooch from tamara lynn in buffalo at an ECW event years ago!!!!! i havnt washed that cheek since!!!!!:)