Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stephanie McMcahon Shows Her Boob

Don't get too excited. She didn't bare it all like when her Daddy used to pimp out his divas to Playboy magazine. Actually, it's a pretty old picture that was sent to me.

The Billion-Dollar Princess, Stephanie McMahon, shows off her ten grand boobs. Well, at least one of them - so that's about five large worth. Unfortunately, it's not in the dirty fashion we all hoped. This was more of a "wardrobe malfunction". I'm not insinuating that Daddy's little head of creative gave the fans a peek for a cheap pop on purpose. She saves that for the locker room!....

Don't give me that fucking look! Do you seriously think that Triple H was the first wrestler that Stephanie McMahon fooled around with? Isn't there a taboo story about why Randy Savage is blacklisted from the WWE? Let's ask Vince about that one. Oooooooh yeah!

This is one of those pro wrestling bloopers that happened during a RAW broadcast and luckily for us, there was an aspiring amateur photographer sitting ringside to snap this one off with his Kodak. Apparently, he (I'm taking a wild guess and saying it was a "he" because no "she" in her right mind would pop off for an opportunity to catch Stephanie assume the position with Triple H - then again, these are the same minds that came up with that Fifty Shades of Grey bullshit), must have thought that he was the fly on the Marriott room wall watching these two in a familiar position. As you can tell, this wasn't the first time Stephanie had her head between Triple H's legs.

Long story short, here is a pic that was shared with me, so now I share with you. If you've already seen it, there's nothing more I can do for you. You wanna do one better? Get me a pic of her other boob!

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  1. Hey look internet, some dumb mark who thinks he knows what goes on backstage!