Monday, June 25, 2012

If WWE Needs More Masked Men, Here's The Answer

This just goes to show that even a billion dollar company can't buy a good idea. Well, here's a gift for you Vince McMahon. I'm going to tell you how to easily fill your roster with more masked wrestlers. And I'll do it for FREE!

Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara was scheduled for WrestleMania, so that Vince McMahon could break the record for most people wearing a mask in one place (yeah, he's mark for a lot of things). But the match never happened due to both wrestlers being put out of action due to injury. Then Kane returned, with his old look - wearing a mask. And now there is talk that Vince wants to create more mask-wearing personalities, which is an obvious marketing ploy to sell more mask gimmicks to kids.

But have you seen any masked me running around the WWE as of late? Not Kane, and not the returns of Sin Cara and Rey. I'm talking about NEW creations? Anything?...I'll wait.

So How Do We Get More Masked Wrestlers in The WWE?

There are dozens of quality unsigned talents on the independent circuit. Some with more experience than others, some even with television experience. All who understand the in-ring style of the WWE product.

I'm not a big fan of out-sourcing work to other countries. I believe in the American dream, but I also believe that you have to take care of your own first. So why import talent from Mexico and Japan all for the sake of selling a few gimmicks? Why not take talents like the now available Jay Lethal? Maybe put him under a hood and change his gimmick to The Black Panther. How about former WWE and TNA prodigy Low Ki (Senshi)? I hear that former X-Division champion The Amazing Red recently got a WWE tryout. He'd be a perfect candidate to stand mask against mask. You could even book Sharkboy to be the Santino Marella of masked wrestlers - which basically is a comedy jobber.

How about all of the indy workers out there, looking for their break and an opportunity to make their dreams a reality? Are you telling me that these guys wouldn't put on a hood to live their dream? It's so hard to get into this business, let alone make it. And IF you get signed by the WWE, they are going to change whatever you've been working with anyway. They took the Henning name away from Michael McGillicutty, you don't think they'd take away you're unrecognizable face?

And who ever said that they needed to do all those flippy moves anyway? back in the day, there were plenty of wrestlers whose feet never left the ground. Look at The Conquistadors! Look at the first match of the first Wrestlemania when Tito Santana wrestled Mr. X. Anybody remember The Machines? Shit, now that I think of it, Kane isn't a flippy motherfucker, so bo-ya, another point in your face bitches!

The answer to the WWE in need of "Mas" Caras, is right in front of them. There are guys on the roster who could use a make over like Tyson Dux. The U.S. indy circuit is full of them, and last I heard, WWE had some privileged TNA contract info leaked to them.

So go right ahead and steal my idea Vince. Go and make another billion with it. Snatch up as many young promising talents, throw a mask at them and tell them, "You're new name is Pencil Eraser".

And to all you wrestlers out there with the dream of working for the WWE, just remember - it's not selling out if you have no other options.

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