Friday, June 1, 2012

Dawn Marie Goes Topless At Wrestling Show?

So I get this pic sent to me from a fan who runs a site featuring rare pics of female wrestling personalities in the buff. Now I know there are tons of girls who have striped it all down for the pages of Playboy (boring) and others who started their careers before wrestling doing softcore porn (much better). But it's not often that I hear of a talent who took it all off in the middle of the ring.

Sure you have your WEW wrestling groups where they had strippers named G.I. Hoe cat-fighting with more seasoned girls like Annie Social for an NC-17 audience. But I guess I missed the event when former WWE and ECW diva Dawn Marie ripped her shirt off in the middle of a ring.

After closely analyzing the picture, I'm pretty confident it was Dawn showing off her boobage. At first, I thought it may have been during an episode of WWE Smackdown because the ring ropes were all blue. But looking closer, you see the short walkway to the ring and the production lights on the floor. Immediately, the low budget flag scores a ping. Was this back in the ECW days? Not to mention, Dawn's jiggle meat is considerably smaller than they are today. For those not as familiar with the former WWE diva, you can check out a few WWE sanctioned pics below.

Back to the investigation, I doubt this was shot an indy show. First off, who would show their tits for $50. Well, maybe Missy Hyatt. Secondly, indy shows can't afford production lights. Could this be for the XPW organization? I doubt it. That would have been in between gigs from the original ECW and her stint in the WWE. Vince normally doesn't like hiring girls with a "blue" past. Then again, this was the attitude era - a time when Vince pimped the shit out of his girls.

The other thing that strikes me funny is that this looks more like a screen cap than it does an actual photo. So some perverted mark shot this from their TV screen - meaning that this moment was actually broadcast somewhere. Was it live TV? PPV? or home video?

Have any of you ever seen this pic before? Do you know when and where it was taken? Do you know the organization? And do you know where I can find more?

Thanks to DieHard Wrestling fan Billy Stanford - we now know it was from a WWE Smackdown event.... Here is the video clip!

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