Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ric Flair To TNA: "Wooooo!!! I'm Gettin' The Fuck Outta Here"

It's a damn shame what has become of the legendary "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. I wrote a piece on it a little over a year ago at other pro wrestling blog, and I got some serious shit for it from the fans. They were all like, "You need to show him so more respect.. He's a legend and can do whatever the fuck he wants...You don't know him personally and what he's going through".

Seriously? Fuck you. I call it like I see it, and it ain't a lie if it's true. Since retiring from the WWE, your so-called role model reneged oh his retirement promised, screwed Highspots out of tens of thousands, shit all over the wrestling fans, made a fool of himself and his legacy in TNA, and then proceeded to fuck them over too. WOOOOOO! Ain't that some shit!

Seems like Dixie Carter has smartened up and may be on the verge of cutting ties with the legend who can't afford to pay his bar tabs. You know things have gotten bad when sources in the TNA locker room are saying it's at a point where it's not worth keeping Flair around.

Since joining TNA, Flair has been banned and cut off from numerous establishments in the Orlando area where TNA tapes it television shows and hosts most of their pay per view events. There was an incident at the Hard Rock Cafe at Citiwalk where he's been banned from drinking. There are also countless stories of Flair hitting up talent for money, asking for them to pay for his drinks, running out on massive tabs, and even stories of establishments contacting the TNA offices seeking payment for his scams. Flair's antics are ruining a ton of TNA's local business relationships. And why is that? Because the champ doesn't give two fucks about TNA Wrestling.

He sees TNA as a glorified indy company and thinks Dixie Carter is a money mark. He figures his boys will get him his overblown payday and the young starts will mark out just to be around him. Well the jig is up motherfucker! Nobody wants you around anymore. His boys shrug him off and tell Dixie they have no way to control him, like he's some retarded child off his meds. The locker room doesn't want him around and are wondering what the fuck they ever saw in him. And management finally started calculating their math to figure out that between his lack of drawing power and the lack of ratings, his 30K per appearance pay isn't worth it. reports that Spike TV sources have reported that there have been a number of requests from the network for TNA to keep Flair dressed and not have him "near nude" and bleeding at his age on TV.

This isn't the Four Horsemen days where that Horse shit would fly. Ric Flair is no longer the star he was in the 80's. He can't get away with the antic of his styling and profiling. He's no longer the central figure on television and there is no reason for him to be living the gimmick outside of the ring. The Ric Flair we all know and love, died during the Monday Night Wars.

You think he cares if Dixie hands him his pink slip? He's got the WWE wrapped around his finger. They just signed his daughter Ashley to a developmental deal and went through flaming circus hoops to put another Hall of Fame ring on his finger. Dixie puts a stiletto in his ass and he bounces right into the WWE. Yeah, he'll have to work a little more for his paycheck, but he won't be homeless just yet. Ric Flair doesn't respect TNA or Dixie Carter, and treats them like a joke knowing that he always has the WWE to fall back on.

How is TNA supposed to grow as a company when they have guys like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan bleeding them of their money and creativity because they are just literally stealing the money TNA needs to survive? Flair laughs behind Dixie Carter's back and says to his boys, "This mark is gonna pay me because I'm Ric Fucking Flair and she don't know any better!... She knows my name and knows I'm a legend. She needs me to make her company".

Uh, sorry Ric. She needs you to get the fuck out! Dixie Carter is trying to run a business here and she has no time to babysit a pitiful old man whose had more marriages than world titles. Ric Flair no longer draws crowds, no longer draws ratings and can no longer helps build a promotion using the credibility of his name. His name isn't worth a cup of warm piss. Maybe to the indies or the local convention scene, but to a major promotion like TNA Wrestling, he's nothing but a financial and liable cancer.

Yeah, I fuckin' said it!


  1. I wish I could disagree...I can't. Even at it's harshest, this article best describes someone who's fall from Grace continues at record speed.

  2. well said, i couldn't agree more. flair has gone from being a legend to being a leach!