Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bloody Terri...Bloody Terri....Bloody Terri...

Maybe I've seen Paranormal Activity too many times. I was trying to work the ol' Bloody Mary magic here so I can be haunted by a topless Terri Runnels. No luck! Fucking movies, always making it look easy!

How many of you actually remember Terri Runnels? It's been a while since she was last on any mainstream wrestling programming, and WWE doesn't give her the occasional nod to remember her contributions to the build of the divas division. No, she didn't wrestle or do anything monumental - but she was one of the original divas who helped bring sex back into wrestling.

When WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch was strutting around the WWE as the most downloaded woman on AOL, it was Terri Runnels standing along side Sable in her shadows. It was like a major league pitching rotation. Sunny was the ace, Sable was the all-star, and Terri was a veteran stud.

She turned heads as Alexandria York in the early days of WCW, but she gained worldwide recognition when she adopted the moniker of Marlena, the golden statuette shaped arm-piece of her then husband Goldust (Dustin Runnels). At the time, the WWE had been producing an edgier spin off to their WWE magazine, entitled RAW Magazine. The publication mirrored the new attitude era and pushed the erotic envelope with spreads of their women that represented a Playboy layout - without nipples and pink meat. It was the WWE's version of late night Cinemax skin flick. All tease, no pop. But it was the closet thing to seeing our fantasies of these wrestling vixens come true.

After her stint in the WWE, Terri fell off the radar, and began doing the regular convention tours. She wasn't much of a news maker - except for the time that she beat the shit out of a money mark promoter named Jason Blaustein who tried to stiff her on pay, and then a few years later during her very public and very ugly break up with former ECW original cast member, New Jack. The split between the odd couple got so nasty that New Jack exploited a side of Terri we had never known. Accusations of STDs, bi-polar disorders and drug abuse ravaged the internet for weeks. I don't what New jack was talking about...that sounds like the recipe for a fun party girl!

Back to the picture, Bloody Terri. From what I understand, this was shot at a small local indy show where Terri was playing the role of manager for some fat-ass mark who thinks he's king shit on the indies. For a veteran female who never spent a day in her professional career as an active wrestler, why would she give herself a blade job like this for a small indy show that drew less than 200 fans? And if the gossip that New jack was spreading was true, why would she risk spreading her STDs to the locker room, event crew and fans (some of which are small children). Obviously, I don't know her the way New Jack knows her - but if what he says is true, Terri could have more diseases than the Outbreak monkey.

Does it suck to see someone who was once so successful desperately cling on to their fame at the cost of blood? Do some of you see this as dedication to her craft? Or is this a case of someone who desperately needs attention? What do you make of this bloody mess?


  1. I think this is a case of someone who desperately needs attention. Terri Runnels did not have to do what she did. Her name gives her enough credibility. Also would you believe a thing that comes out of New Jacks mouth?


  2. her pupils are pinpoints...think that answers your question