Saturday, April 28, 2012

Traci Brooks vs. April Hunter...And Then BFFs

Who would have thought? I have more pics of former TNA Knockout Traci Brooks and April Hunter!...Like you didn't want to see them!

So here's the dilly yo - since I knew that April and Tracy were able to draw, and because they ranked high on my "LIKE" list, I figured the best way to keep them active and consistent was to book them in a feud.

At the time, Traci was being booked as a heel and as the arm piece of Matt Bentley. April was our NWA Cyberspace women's champion and the on screen/off screen love interest of Slyck Wagner Brown. In an effort to take a guy from the TNA X-Division and bump him up to main event status - I booked a mixed tag team match entitled "Till Death Do Us Part". I'm sure you've heard of couples double dating? Well, I booked couples double fighting in a mixed tag team match.

To make sure Brooks and Bentley got the proper heat, they had to win the tag match in a devious way. So when Slyck Wagner was laid out on the ringside floor, April applied the sharpshooter submission on Traci inside the ring. While the ref had his back turned to check on the status of Slyck, Bentley snuck in and super kicked April right in the grill. And boy did he plant that foot in her mug. I still wake up in the middle of the night hearing the echos.

Bentley and Brooks got their title shots, but it was a way for me (the booker) to see what the crowd reaction was. A few months later, Jeff Jarrett arrived in the organization and won the title from Slyck, which opened the door for me to test the waters and turn Bentley and Brooks babyface. Bentley would move on to work with Jarrett for the title, but I was left with the task of what to do with Traci.

Luckily Rodney Mack and Jazz arrived on the scene as well. We played up an injury gimmick where Mack and Jazz sidelined April with an injury. Brooks was there to take her place. When all hell broke loose and Traci was being beaten to a pulp by Jazz, the only one to save her was her former enemy April Hunter.

Then a bunch of other shit went down and threw a monkey wrench into my booking program, but that's a story for another time. Long story short...well, in this case the long story is still pretty f*cking long, here are the promo pics we shot showing Traci and April as bitter enemies for the women's title, and the follow up pics where they are BFFs like two high school girls! Enjoy!

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  1. is there any video of the till death do us part match