Saturday, April 28, 2012

Traci Brooks & April Hunter - Battle of The Boobage

Here are two of my absolute favorite females to work with, Traci Brooks and April Hunter.

Yeah, I had my troubles with April Hunter which has been well documented on my pro wrestling blog , but that's why it's called the wrestling "business", and sometimes tough decisions need to be made. But I'm not here to discuss those problems. You can read the blog for that. I'm here to celebrate the boobage.

Now back to my original point, Traci Brooks and April Hunter not only gave me (the booker/promoter) and the fans their all, but they knew how to draw the crowds with the promotional material. Anytime a camera was ready to fire off some shots, Traci and April (and their assets) were ready to giggle and jiggle for the good of the company. Their free-spirited personality was easily captured on film, but more importantly, they knew what the fans wanted to see. They understood the desires of the male demographic and knew how to manipulate their erotic fantasies.

April still runs a naughty site of her own, and Traci was a had a celebrity featured spread on Playboy's website (even thought TNA refused to acknowledge or promote it).

I could go on and on all day about how great it was to work with these two pros - but I have plenty of other pictures where I can share those stories. The purpose of this post was to share a candid shot of my two favorite girls pressing up their silicon knockers for the camera.

Now the tough question... GUN TO YOUR HEAD, if you had to pick one...who would it be? Traci Brooks or April Hunter?... GO!

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  1. traci brooks i think april has had more miles on the odometer by far lmao