Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The RAW Deal - 10.25.11

The RAW Deal for the 10/24/11 Episode.

How many times has Triple H used the sledge hammer on his opponents??? And now all of a sudden he take a little bump to the back and he's in critical condition???....Somebody should tell creative to watch some old tapes of Triple H before they write this new shit... It's too obvious that the creative team isn't composed of wrestling fans.....

I'm digging the Kevin Nash "invasion" angle, and in all honesty - it's WORKING! This is how you need to build a monster heel....Too bad he's not 20 years younger....

Does it bother anyone else that Randy Orton is a 9-time world champion? Don't get me wrong - I think he's one of the top three in business right now and he is truly at the top of his game. But he's still so young and has such a long future ahead of him. Why cram all of his achievements this early in his career. How long did it take guys like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, etc. to become a multiple time champion? For Randy, this is too much, too soon. He'd be better off winning the title and having a year long reign rather than winning, dropping, winning, dropping, winning, dropping so often. It devalues the title and holds truth to Vince Russo's haunting statement that the championship title is nothing but a prop in the story.

Speaking of titles, I still get excited seeing Cody Rhodes wearing the "classic" variation of the Intercontinental title. I understand the concept of changing the style of the strap - especially for merchandising purpose. But when you look at the classic design - you can't help but think back to all the greats who wore that style around their waist - Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, HonkyTonk Man, Ultimate Warrior, Curt Henning, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Rick Rude, Roddy Piper...and the list goes on. I think there is more pride wearing a title worn by iconic legends rather than a new title with no value or history.

Talk to me people - are you digging Alberto Del Rio as your WWE Champion? is he worthy of being champion? Is he effective as champion? Or is this another case of the WWE force feeding the fans somebody they want to get over by putting the title on them and thrusting them into main event status. Don;t we all remember what happened to Wade Barrett? The problem here is that the WWE aren't even pushing Del Rio for the right reasons. Sure he's a talented athlete - but putting your top strap on a guy so you can sell out arenas during your tour of Mexico and because it is convinient bait to lure in his uncle Mil Mascaras into a Hall of Fame induction doesn't translate into good match and good TV. Del Rio walked into the WWE as a main eventer - but I don;t recall the fans inviting him to be one or earning the position he currently holds. I'm not saying he doesn't have the tools to be there now - I just don;t think he has the effectiveness to be there yet.

I applaud the WWE for attempting to bring back the concept of stables - but they're botching it! Again, the writers need to go back and watch old tapes to see how it worked effectively. First of all - Vickie Guerrero is NOT an effective manager and she has no idea how to manage a stable. the concept of a stable was that the manager had signed the best heel talent to pose threats and compete against the champions. What made the Heenan family work was a bunch of contenders who could individually hold their own, yet were served as power by numbers when needed. they didn't always travel together or sit ringside for each others matches. There is no need for Jack Swagger to escort Dolph Ziggler to all his matches and then interfere in them - especially when Ziggler is competing against a higher level jobber like Santino. You are making Ziggler seem weak as if he is incapable of holding his own weight int he ring. Jobbers should be easily squashed to give the perception that the champion could be in trouble when they meet. The concept of the stable is that when one fails to dethrone the champion - there are other mercenaries waiting for their time to be called into action. Watch old tapes of The Heenan Family and see why it worked so well - and why the stable is the legendary benchmark for how it should be done.

Is there any chance that we'll see an Undertaker presence for next week's Halloween themed RAW? Even if he doesn't appear - isn't it about time that we starting thinking about who his Wrestlemania opponent will be as strives for 20-0? Now that we're on the subject - who infact would be a worthy opponent? Will this be the year that Taker announces his retirement? Is 20 Mania victories what he wants before he calls it a career? Who would be the ideal final opponent? Who poses the biggest threat? Who has a history with Taker strong enough to bid for a Mania match? Who can outperform what Taker has done the last three years with Shawn Michaels and Triple H? Who is YOUR pick?

Just an FYI - Mason Ryan is waaaaaaaay to green to go over on Dolph Ziggler for the US Title. Granted, there isn't much value to that strap - but Ziggler is doing his best to earn a main event spot and make his title defenses meaningful. The problem is thatthe contenders for that title are all weak. There is a better way to build the strap and perhaps it's to have some more veterans chase after it. Remember when the title was in WCW? Guys who held the belt made it more valuable because of the waist it was around. Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Lex Luger, Tully Blanchard, etc. Mason Ryan is nowhere near any title deserving status. This is just another case of "let's put a title on the guy to get him over"....another example of why pro wrestling is failing today.

You gotta give it up to CM Punk and his "respect" promo on RAW. Yeah, Punk has tremendous ring skills and he has the gift of gab. Too bad he's an irritating douchebag in real life. But his shoot promos are directed to the internet fans who hit the dirstsheets and websites to get the behind the scenes scoops. So when he makes a real life remark in the animated world of the WWE - the "smart marks" respond with the "Oooooh! I can't believe he said that!" - and then they lean over and try to explain the meaning to the person they're sitting next to who is only there to watch the show and doesn't get the "inside jab". In this day and technological age - does it make sense to cater to the fans who scour the internet looking for backstage dirt and spoilers? If so, then shouldn't the whole company follow in suit? Didn't it work in ECW?... The original under Paul E. - not the WWE abortion.

You also gotta feel bad for Zack Ryder who got shafted (AGAIN) on RAW. But for all those out there who think Ryder is getting passed on - let me point out that he's already OVER with the fans. And the endorsements he gets from the broadcast team and John Cena are paving the way for him to become a mega star. I wouldn't be surprised if Ryder continues to get buried for another year or two and then finally has his break out year once the "Jersey Shore" trend wears off. Ride the wave Zack - you're time is coming!

I'm an advocate of pushing other names on the roster for title shots. It's the circle of life. I get it. But if John Cena isn't currently in the title picture so that he can focus on his money making showdown with The Rock - then why is he still the main event on RAW? Shouldn't the champion close the show? I understand that they wanted the big Survivor Series announcement to close the show - but at the same time we're making one man (or in this case two) more important than having your eye on the prize. The Rock is nothing more than a special attraction. You're heavyweight title is your flagship. When The Rock is gone and forgotten - the title will still be there...just with less value or interest.

Speaking of Survivor Series, is anyone else disappointed that WWE is NOT going with their originally planned traditional 5 vs. 5 elimination match? Expectations had co-captains Rock and Cena leading Punk, Triple H and another against co-captains Del-Rio and Nash leading Miz, Truth and another. now it appears as plans have changed and the card will now be Punk vs. Del Rio; Rock/Cena vs. Miz/Truth; and Nash vs. Triple H. Personally, I think it's a mistake. Going back to the old school Survicor Series tradition would have given the fans a small taste of what to expect for big WrestleMania matches and started the kick off for a 5 month build up. But now - WWE is rushing into the matches and giving it away prematurely. So if you blow your load at Survivor Series in November - what the hell are going to do for the Royal Rumble in January and then for Wrestlemania in April? WWE creative has limited sight. The don;t book for the big picture. They only book as far as tomorrow. And THIS is why creatively, they are a failure.

Can you dig it?

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Video: Hulk Hogan Shoot Interview - Heat with Bret & Austin

Here's a recent interview with Hulk Hogan, conducted by Peter Rosenberg from New York's Hot 97 morning show. Hogan talks about his heat with Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Interesting to hear Hogan talk candid about is relationships with them - but something don't seem right here and I'm pretty sure he's full of shit! Hogan ALWAYS plays the victim in public interviews and says he's willing to do business with anybody - which is total bullshit. I think the best line of shit in this interview is how he claims that he spent his entire WCW putting people over. Wake up and smell the shit you're shoveling you pompous prick!

Hogan/Bischoff Give "Internet Marks" A Big 'FUCK YOU'!

I had to get this shit out there ASAP. Hogan and Bischoff took to Twitter to call us all "internet marks"!!! Check this out....

From Bishoff:
"Having a blast watching Internet marks react. Candy from a baby!"

From Hogan:
"Goodmorning HULKAMANIACS,can't wait for all the Rood fans that turned to haters to see the big picture,thank God we still have real marks HH"

As if they had the Storm win planned all along! Hogan and Bischoff are MARKS FOR THEMSELVES!!!

Storm won the title at the TV tapings because of the negative backlash coming from the "internet marks". Don't believe these douchebags. The internet fans stuck together and influenced a change at the TV tapings. They know they fucked up by screwing Roode - so they put it on Storm to make it seem like it was in the plans and to catch us off guard. I call BULLSHIT!!!

Roode didn't get the title because Hogan wants the title on Jeff Hardy. But when the feedback came that the "internet marks" were uprising against their decisions - they turned the cards to make it seem like it was their genius plan to swerve us.

BULL-FUCKIN'-SHIT!!! Roode was scheduled to win the title but Hogan buried him at the last minute. Why doesn't that Red and Yellow mark and his Ken doll bitch boy admit to screwing Roode with their politics? Why build these promos around Roode's time and videos of his family only to give it to his partner?

Not only is TNA an EPIC FAILURE - but they're delusional liars!!!

"Cowboy" James Storm - New TNA World Champion!!!

Woke up this morning and Cowboy James Storm is the NEW TNA World Champion!!!

I've worked with James Storm numerous times and he's deserving of the honor. I only have 2 problems with it: Why win the title in a short 3 minute match? Not so memorable huh??.... And why was it ok for Storm to defeat Angle, but not Roode???

I really hope that TNA doesn't plan on profiting with a Roode vs. Storm feud. That would beyond stupid because only one can be a winner and the other becomes Marty Jannetty.

Roode is a more defined singles wrestler. I don't take anything away from Storm at all. He's amazing - but his name is synonymous with tag team wrestling. Roode SHOULD HAVE gotten the title first -- and then Storm down the road. Even if it meant that after a year long title reign, Roode drooped the strap to Storm himself. Would have been a Hitman vs. Bulldog (SummerSlam 1992) moment.

Mike "Virgil" Jones - The $3,500 SLAVE!

TRUE STORY - Ran into Mike Jones aka VIRGIL this weekend. He's signing at New York Comic Con. Rich Mancuso asks him about doing a booking and Virgil tells him his pay is $3,500. Then he tells people, "Get the fuck away from my table. Your killing my business."

First off - FUCK VIRGIL! The only time you ever saw $3,500 was when WCW overpaid you!!! You're barely worth $250. VIRGIL is a NOBODY in this business. He'll always be remembered as Ted DiBiasie's SLAVE. Nice job Mike Jones. Way to set the African American image back 400 years!!!.

***When this was posted on Facebook, I took some heat for using the term "slave". Yeah, some people are still emotional about it. Let's clear something up right now:

Nothing in this post was meant to be racist. The Virgil character was exactly what I called it - and to further validate it, once Virgil stared a singles career, the DiBiasie character tried to purchase the white Hercules as a SLAVE.
They never used the term when Virgil was his lackey because of the sensitive nature. Bodyguard, servant, butler - it was ALWAYS a racial undertone in the WWE.

If anything, I'm in the defense of the African American community because I'm appalled that an African American would agree to portray such a character after all they've done to gain their civil equality throughout American history. By performing as a slave infront of an audience of millions (especially children), it lends credence in theoretically setting back their strength and progress as Americans.

By the way - if I offended anybody with the term "slave" - GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Daniel Bryan - Still Main Eventing Wrestlemania?

Does anyone else remember that Daniel Bryan is cashing in his Money In The Bank at WrestleMania?

So this year's Wrestlemania is basically having 4 main events:
1. Cena vs. Rock
2. Raw Title Match
3. Smackdown Title Match
4. Undertaker Goes for 20-0

Now back to my original point - when does creative start pushing Daniel Bryan to give his MITB shot at Mania any value or credibility?

Morrison's Career Headed To The Sewers...With The Rats!?

How are you feeling about the news that WWE will more than likely NOT re-sign John Morrison to a new deal when his contract expires in a few weeks ---- probably because his RAT girlfriend doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut unless it has Batista's genitals in it???

John Morrison has great athletic ability. He also has a great look. But in the singles rankings, he can't hold his own - and it's more than just his lack of mic work. Somebody called him a "spot monkey" and that was dead on!!! But you have to point the finger at the agents who should be working with him to develop his persona and take it to the next level.

Morrison has the tools to be a main eventer (granted his mic skills need to be MUCH better) but his biggest problem is that he's one dimensional. I don't feel the emotion in his matches. I don't believe what he's selling. This is something that can be easily fixed with effort from the agents. Otherwise, he'll end up in TNA like he's on the island of lost socks. TNA has NO CLUE what to do with him. WWE does - they just WON'T. It's not because they don't respect him as an athlete...they don't respect him a a man.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bobby Roode Gets Screwed at Bound For Glory.

Day after TNA Wrestling's Bound For Glory PPV...and Bobby Roode is NOT you new champion. I'm definitely NOT digging this!

It was the perfect opportunity to pass the torch and let a home grown talent make a name for himself by becoming the face of the company. Just goes to show that TNA does not have ANY confidence in their roster unless they were formerly employed by WWE, and it also goes to show that TNA is fucking clueless when it comes to getting talent over. Do they not realize that ALL the promo work they did to build this match up actually worked and people WANT Roode as their champion???

The problem is that the belt keeps getting passed around to guys who don't deserve or need it. Angle is arguably the best wrestler in the world. But he's injured and he's older. Roode's time is NOW. How else can you groom him to fill the void when the older guys step down?

Not putting the strap on Roode was a HUGE mistake. This was their Wrestlemania and they dropped the ball. If Roode wins the title next month or on Impact - it won't mean as much.

TNA =EPIC Failure.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

TNA Wrestling - Pimpin' Ain't Easy

How disgusting is it that this HOT piece of ass, Brooke Adams aka Miss Tessmacher, still has to hustle her goods for tips at Hooters because TNA owner Dixie Carter pays the knockouts slave wages.

Seriously, I'm not fucking around here. Can someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong with this picture? Not in the literal sense because there is NOTHING wrong with the picture above - with the exception that she's wearing too much clothes. I'm talking about the scenario where a television celebrity (because even though you work for a glorified indy fed like TNA Wrestling, you're still a weekly fixture on a major cable network) still has to work a minimum wage job to make ends meet. You remember when you were young and looked at people on TV like they were larger than life and automatically assumed that they had the world by the balls? Well, apparently it isn't so. In this day and age where reality television has ruined the craft and art form of quality programming only to profit on the exploitation of their featured performers - it appears as if the powers that be are the ones who hold their talent by the short and curlys (only they may be holding on to something else when it comes to Brooke Adams because I'll be the house that she shaves her pussy bald.

For those who don't know, TNA pays their knockouts shit money. As a matter of fact, if you're not over 40 years old or a WWE castaway, then you're getting paid shit money too. What do I mean by shit money? Let's just say that some of these talents can make more on the indy circuit or giving hand jobs in a back corner of the Impact Zone. They get paid per appearance and the dollar amount usually isn't worth as much as the paper it's printed on. So there poor girls have to go out and get real life jobs at mall just to pay their bills.

Imagine walking into Target and seeing your favorite TNA wrestler stocking the shelves or asking you if you need help finding a sale item. Then you say something like, "Holy shit! Aren't you blah blah blah?" And she responds, "Yeah! That's me!" Then you say, "What the fuck are you doing working here? Aren't you the TNA Knockouts champion?" And she says, "Yeah, but that rich republican cunt Dixie Carter doesn't pay much so I have to clean up the mess you just made in aisle 4."

A couple of months ago, Brooke Adams was online rallying her fans to vote for her in the Miss Hooters contest. Now don't get mew wrong - Brooke-baby has a rack to die for, but why the fuck is she pimping herself out for a Miss Hooters contest? I understand she use to work there, and any girl with a great set of tits should - but that's before you made it as a legit television star. It's the same understanding I have when I go to the strip clubs. This bitch is working the pole to pay for her tuition to med school. But on the flip side of the coin , if you already have your doctor's degree, why the fuck are you still applying massive amounts of glitter and swinging on that greasy pole? Same theory applies here.

So that basically makes Dixie Carter a pimp. She exploits her female talent and hustles their asses on the corner so that they are broke dependent crack whores, meanwhile Dixie is profiting from all their effort. So aside from the piss poor lack of creative sensibility and the God awful product TNA chums out - I guess we can officially say that TNA management is officially in the pimp game, by stringing out the girls on their hopes and dreams of making it in pro wrestling.

Brooke Adams - you're too good for TNA. And if you're gonna get fucked on camera for money, then you might as well be doing porn!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time To Stop Playing Fucking Games

I know some of you are going to get your panties in a bunch when you hear me say this, but RAW blew last night!!!.........Not hating on WWE, just telling it like it is... you can disagree if you like. But if you thinki that was a good show or that they haven't killed the effort since SummerSlam - then you don't know shit about pro wrestling..... Sorry, but the truth hurts.

Aside from the piss poor writing last night and the cop out of Vince and Johnny Ace. One of the things that bothers me most is the closing moments of RAW.

CM Punk has been rebooted as the most popular wrestler only second to Cena, now because his popularity is growing so fast - Triple H decided to return to steal the spotlight and put it back on himself??? Now the aging and forgotten Triple H is making a strong comeback but he needs the rub of CM Punk to get over??? FUCK YOU HUNTER!!!

For 10 years - you cock blocked every other worker and their push until the fans told you to fuck off because they were tired of seeing you dominate the shows with your promos an your 116,000 title reigns. The WWE was better with Triple H off TV. Now it's the McMahon show all over again. By the way, don't forget to wipe the crusty shit stain on your big ass nose from having your head up Vince's ass.

Oops...did I say that out-loud?

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Most Underrated Wrestler In The World

Bobby Roode is without a doubt, the most underrated wrestler in the world. I say this from experience. not because i watch him weekly on TNA/Impact Wrestling - because truth be told - I DON'T watch that crap and haven't watched since January 2010. As I said, I know this from experience.

When I was running NWA Cyberspace from 2004-2007, Bobby Roode was not only a mainstay on my roster, but he was my last world heavyweight champion. This was long before TNA was somewhat of a mainstream contender. This was before the Spike TV deal. And this was obviously before the Hulk Hogan/Eric Bishoff TNA regime. I saw the fire in Bobby Roode and I knew he was going to be a star.

Unfortunately, Bobby Roode still isn't a star. More than likely because he's stuck int he hellhole called TNA. His prime is being wasted in place that has ZERO ability to make him a household name.

When I see Bobby Roode, I see a young mixture of Bret Hart, Curt Henning and Hercules Hernandez. Roode has all the tools of the trade in the ring and on the mic, but more than anything, he has the ability to stand alone and carry the weight of the company on his shoulders.

More than the TNA World Title, Bobby Roode needs a WWE contract. Regardless if he wins the title or not, Roode has accomplished all that he can in TNA Wrestling. The organization has done everything they are capable for doing for his career - which isn't much. It's time for him to move on to the only place that will put their marketing machine behind him and make him the star he is. Not only can TNA NOT do it, they wouldn't know where to start. Their word heavyweight title has NO VALUE, so what justification will it do if he wins it. They can make him the face of the company, but what does it matter if no one is watching?

Bobby Roode deserves better and his only flaw is his loyalty to TNA Wrestling. I spotted his talent MANY years ago and out the title on him. Look how long it's taken TNA to even give him the chance. Point proven.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

WWE: Top 3 Overrated/Underrated....GO!

DieHard Derek:
Here are my picks:

Jack Swagger
Wade Barrett
(Tie) Alex Riley/Heath Slater

Dolph Ziggler
Ted Dibiasie
Ezekiel Jackson

Comments From Facebook Feedback!


Jason Harris
Randy Orton.. David Otunga (how he has a job is a mystery,Kelly Kelly

GreekGod Papadon
- curt hawkins
- trent baretta
- zack ryder
- william regal
- tyson kidd
- john cena(really underated b/c he can deliver & has been over & over again)

Richard Bubba Morris
randy orton! randy orton! randy orton!

Kristin Vanderhoff
over- john cena, randy orton, john cena??; under- zack ryder, evan bourne, michael mcgillicutty (i think he has a lot of potential thats not getting shown. no hes not his dad but there will never be another curt hennig.)

Jeremy Luckhardt
Overrated: Jack Swagger, Kelly Kelly and though I do like him Randy Orton is kind of overrated
Underratted: Tyson Kidd, Daniel Bryan, and Yoshi Tatsu (He could be good if they put him against others that would get the best out of him)

Wayne Tague
john cena (should just go away),,,del rio,(go back to mexico and take that annoying annoncer too),,,ziggler,,(just annoys me),,,underated = even bourne,(exciting to watch),,,kofi kingston,(is actualy realy good needs more push),,,beth pheonix,, actualy a good female wrestler

Rob Allison
Is Heath Slater even rated? To mee he seems just like a regular enhancement talent

Steve Hill
Overated John Cena, Sin Cara, Kelly Kelly, Underated: Bryan Danielson (refuse to use his WWE name), Matt SYdal (Refuse to use his WWE name) hes gone now but Chavo Guererro.

Jeremy Luckhardt
He's the "Repo Man" of this generation, put him over occasionally but other then that he's a mechanic

Jeremy Luckhardt ‎^^ that comment is about slater

Trisha Parker
‎...why do you refuse to use their WWE names...?

Rob Allison
Over Rated: John Cena, Kelly Kelly, Vickie Guerrero - Under Rated: Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder

Jeremy Luckhardt
good call on dolph truely underrated ... the man is fantastic against anyone

Rob Allison Dolph has come a LONG way since he left the Spirit Squad, and really didn't need the cheap heat with Vickie Guerrero by his side.

Steve Hill
because they became stars on there real names and WWE didnt want to use there real names. Ive followed those guys and trained with sydal *albeit only a week* in ROH before i started indy wrestling.

Jeremy Luckhardt
His selling, his mic work ... yeah he doesnt need Vicki Guerrero at all and his match vs Daniel Bryan UNREAL, I see dolph as a modern day Mr Perfect

Rob Allison
He's more a modern day Mr Perfect then Mr Perfects own kid.

DieHard Derek
Dolph Ziggler could be the next big thing in WWE if pushed right..... He also needs a better finisher.. The sleeper is weak for his style - but that clothesline, hook, neckbrecker he's got is fuckin' awesome.... Also - don't sleep on JOE HENNING..... His time will come... Same with DiBiasie!!!!

Jb Stevens
Ted Dibiase Jr, David Otunga, Bryan Danielson (Dolph Ziggler , Zach Ryder, and Big Zeke would be mt 4 5 and 6 most underated)

Rob Allison
I'm hoping so about DiBiase and Joe, cause they are great talents but haven't really had time to develop, more rushed then anything.

Jeremy Luckhardt
Big Zeke needs more charisma and losen up and if he can do that he could be a possible player and as for DiBiase he's slowly becoming one on his own, they should have pushed the DiBiase vs Rhodes feud a little longer cause fans would buy into it due to there "legacy" past ... I've always like Joe Henning even in his FCW days he has alot of his dads mannerisms and you can tell he really wants it and once again he needs to become one in his own because when he gets all fired up he does what DiBiase does too the Randy Orton angry face which takes aways from "their" character and puts them back into the cookie cutter position.

Jb Stevens
Big Zeke was a beast then thy started giving him the Old School Mark Henry treatment and he started smiling and shit that killed his push nowits gonna be another 5 or 10 years before he ever becomes any kind of champion

Rob Allison
Zeke reminds me too much of Ahmed Johnson, you can only take the guy so far.... They need to bring back managers and not just people like Vickie Guerrero....

Jeremy Luckhardt
or lets rewind to 06 .... Spirit Squad over The Highlanders?? C'mon the highlanders were a great idea and you job them out to the spirit squad so the spirit squad can have a feud vs DX?

Jeremy Luckhardt
Highlanders could have brough Tag Team wrestling back to what there trying to do in 2011

Rob Allison
That's due to the fact that Trips and Shawn couldn't put them over

Garrett Clark
overrated: JOHN CENA Mark henry and wade barrett; underrated: JUSTIN GABRIEL ZACK RYDER CURT HAWKINS

Jeremy Luckhardt
DX didnt have to put the highlanders over ... have DX take on Cade and Murdoch ... and have Cade talk about how HBk was who trained him and as soon as Cade got into the WWE shawn has turned his back on him

Jeremy Luckhardt
then you would have had DX, Cryme Tyme, Cade and Murdoch, Highlanders, Spirit Squad, Bashams, Dudleyz (for there time remaining before they jumped ship), and whatever other tag teams in those days that would have been a consistant tag division

GreekGod Papadon
nywc alumni aside....they can all go & wwe hasnt even scratched the surface w these guys yet.......

Chris Lenocker
Underrated , All the jobers getting a push

Sebastion Envi
Damn I know I am late on this one, but Derek, bro, how did you even classify Slater as rated anything? And Otunga has a job for those who inquired, because he is fucking Jennifer Hudson and they hope for mainstream attention. Period. Underrated...Swagger, Usos (when not driving drunk, but I am a tag team mark, so), Truth...Overrated is standard answer...Cena, Orton...and can't think of a 3rd....

DieHard Derek
‎@Sebastian (and anyone else who's in line to shit on Heath Slater)... You're Absolutely right... He does NOT deserve ANY classification/rating at all --- but the fact that he is still employed by WWE and taking valuable TV time away from talent who should be pushed harder or filling that spot is mind-boggling......... Maybe he should cut off his legs and they can repackage him as Chucky from the horror movie Child's Play......

Liam Mcguinness
over rated alberto del rio,dolph ziggler,john cena,they just keep pushing him down our throats.under rated,the usos,tyler rekks,mark henry,15 years and they finally unleash him,

DieHard Derek
Mark Henry could hold that title for another 15 years and he'd still be the drizzling shits

Dennis Drakulah Mahr
Overrated: The Miz, Del Rio, Ziggler Underrated: Zack Ryder, Ted Dibiase, Tyler Reks

Phillip Sullivan
1. John cena
2. Kelly kelley
3. Rey Rey

1. Mark Henry
2. Cody Rhodes
3. Ted dibiases

Matthew Smyth
Overrated- Swagger, Morrison, Heath Slater
Underrated- Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd, Trent Baretta

Robbie Shuey
overrated- miz, hhh and alex riley..under- morrison, gabriel, beth phoenix..swagger would be alot better w/ a manager and where is all this hidden talent zach ryder and dolph ziggler have? cuz to me there is none

Michael Graça Jr.
Overrated: Swagger, Heath Slater, John Cena

Michael Graça Jr.
Underrated: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder

Kevin Brittingham
Overrated: Del Rio, Riley, Ryder. Underrated: Bryan, Ziggler, Reks

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The 2nd DieHard Wrestling Caption Contest

***************Caption This Picture**************

-RULES: Add your caption to the bottom of this photo in the COMMENTS section. The best caption wins! It's that fuckin' simple!!!!

- Winning Caption will be determined Tuesday, Oct.4 - and this caption will be replaced with YOURS!

- Winner will be notified personally by DieHard Derek in your Facebook INBOX.

- You will be asked for your shipping address so your prize can be mailed to you! Prize is the Ring of Honor Wrestling DVD - Do or Die II & III!!!!

- You're job is to make me laugh so hard that I nearly piss on myself.... No lightweight vanilla comments please. Get rude, crude, vulgar and offensive...I'll start it off for you!!! .....Good Luck!
DieHard Derek:
‎"I'll wrestle any of you...except for the black guy. Sorry darky. WOOOOOOO!"

DieHard Derek:
From the upcoming movie FLAIR'S 11 - pro wrestler Ric Flair rounds up a gang of theives to stiff indy promoters and rob HighSpots of $30,000.

Jim Sirigos: ‎
"Can I Borrow $10.00?"
"But you're Ric Flair..."
"I already spent the money FOX paid me for this cameo!"

DieHard Derek:
'Which one of you motherfuckers know how to mix a Kamikaze?"

Jim Sirigos
"You shut up fat boy!"
"But I'm a bear!"
"You shut up fat bear!"

DieHard Derek:
"I'm a stylin', proflin', jet flyin'....bankruptcy filin', road ragin', wife beatin', check bouncin'', promoter stiffin'... son of a gun!... WOOOOO!"

Damian Vargas:
Flair "To be The Man all you have to do is buy The Man's stuff! WOOO!" Cleveland-"TNA treatin you that good huh?" Flair "wooo : ("

Mark Anthony:
Hey sorry fellow's, The Horseman thing didn't work as a cartoon in th 90's. Whooooo!

Jason Tucker:
Flair "You guys must be new around here! I'm looking to party so point me in the direction of Beavis and Butthead's house!!WOOOO!!"

Timothy Phillips:
Wanna know why he is always looking for the next Rick Flair?
He wants them to take his name and then pay his bills.

Robert Rose

Thomas Hunt
I don't care if your short or a bear or a dude with a stash mess with a wrestling god and i woop that ass woooo

Luke Vella
wrestlemania main event announced featuring new stars ric flair and kamala vs the new dangerous alliance w/ lou e dangerously

Israel Millan
Mr. Flair meet your new company assigned Horsemen.

Brad Vestby
‎........ Ole? Arn? Tully? JJ?? Alright, who's been screwing with format again... I told you Herd, this will never work... The crowd is gonna notice the difference!!

Matthew W. Moll
Which one of ya is married to that fine peice of chocolate down the road? Cuz i'll give you a shot at my belt for a night with her

Jim Sirigos
You figure he lost so much money, couldn't he have saved some for a hair transplant and some lypo?

DieHard Derek:
AND THE WINNER IS.......... Jim Sirigos with the comment:
"Can I Borrow $10.00?"
"But you're Ric Flair..."
"I already spent the money FOX paid me for this cameo!"

I know... I know... I was looking for something vile and offensive....And believe me when I say that there plenty of GREAT ones out there that made me laugh. But this one was purely authentic. the reason I chose this one is because I have literally heard Ric Flair say this!!! I have heard Ric Flair ask people for a meaningless $10....and some people give him a look of confusion, to which he responds - "I already spent the money they paid me for this deal."

Now for those of you who are still looking to cash in on cutting down the Nature Boy, then I have good news for you......

Because there were so many great comments on this photo - there will be ANOTHER photo coming THIS FRIDAY with new prize to go after!!! I REALLY want you to push the envelope on this one and say some shit that will make most heads spin!!! Stay connected to DieHard Pro Wrestling or elbows may have to be dropped!

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