Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video of WWE Legends At The Big Event in Elmhurst, NY - Nov. 12, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, wrestling fans in the New York area were given the disappointing news that the jabrones at TMART were pulling the plug on their heavily hyped Big Event Pro Wrestling Convention in Elmhurst, NY. Luckily, Brian Barth of and Scott Epstein of came through in the clutch to save the day and bring the ill fated convention back from the dead.

With only a few short weeks to promote, the convention was still a success as the fans were able to meet an greet some of their all time favorite superstars from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

While DieHard Derek is usually known for conducting in depth one on one sit down interviews that ask the legends the burning questions others are too afraid to ask, the atmosphere in Elmhurst didn’t allow him the face time due to the overbearing crowd noise and Philadelphia radio station that was broadcasting live from the show. But again – we found a way to make it happen!

As DieHard stood outside the hotel ballroom that was hosting the event, Brain started to bring out wrestling legends one by one to give the rolling camera a little face time. In this video, you’ll see cameos from Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Jay Lethal, The Amazing Red and Jessica James – as the talent candidly interacts and praises each other for their contributions to the business. Now while this may not be the earth shattering interviews you've grown accustomed to - it was nice to see a reunion of sorts in this impromptu video.

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